Friday Dreams

Hey there. There’s something on the usual Twins channel about promoting baseball in, featuring sexy Maxie, promoting baseball in Deutschland. This mostly means that the Twins game which I have been looking forwarding to all day is rain delayed or whatever. I am half drunk but only about. about two minutes left worth typing. When you get old and close to death the shit gets so surreal. Your remember things from over half a century ago and forget things from 20 minutes ago.

I offer you a good morning, tomorrow, from half a century ago.

3 thoughts on “Friday Dreams

  1. Update: just got an emergency text from the city of Minneapolis. There exists a curfew lasting until 6AM. Apparently there is a riot occurring a mile or two away from here.

    Fuck it. No Twins game. I’m going to bed.


  2. As an Army brat, I lived in Germany for 4 years as a kid. We American kids would teach German kids how to play so our pick up games would be better. (We also played soccer against them—always lost, and basketball too—always won.)

    Side note—when you see “Germany” in the international pool at the LLWS, those are Americans and not Germans. The military bases all have little leagues. I played every year there, and once one of my buddies got picked for the LLWS team.


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