He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/25/2020

Scouts: Wow, what a day of baseball!  We have no hitters, people stealing 3 bases in one inning, and one of the stranger homers you’ll see all year.

Pirates 0, White Sox 4Scouts: RaysFan1 already covered this game last night, but if you hadn’t heard, we have our first no hitter of the year as Lucas Giolito blanked the Pirates.  His final tally: 9IP, 0H, 0R, 1BB, 13K.  Oh so close to perfection!

Red Sox 9, Blue Jays 7Scouts: A big win for the Red Sox, which brings them to…checks notes…10 games below .500.  Anyways, Boston was down 6-3 and then busted out for a 6 run 6th and that was pretty much all she wrote in this one.

Orioles 2, Rays 4Scouts: Tyler Glasnow shut down what’s proving to be a pretty decent Orioles offense thanks to a 13 strikeout performance over 7 dominant innings.  Tampa did the majority of their damage in the second behind homers by Hunter Renfrow and Manuel Margot.

Cubs 1, Tigers 7Prof: The Cubs continue to be really streaky. El Tigre Jon Schoop gets a grand slam!

Reds 2, Brewers 3Prof: Nothing too exciting here. Did y’all know the World’s Sassiest Canadian has a batting average of .191 right now? Weird times. Oh, and Brandon Woodruff gets the win, his first in a while.

Dodgers 8, Giants 10 F/11Prof: Extra innings at AT&T last night. Fitting that a game filled with dingers (Brandon Belt, Max Muncy, etc.) was broken by a walk off homer by Donovan Solano.

Mariners 8, Padres 3Scouts: Seattle’s on the beginnings of a potential hot-streak, picking up their 3rd consecutive win.  Whenever I hear a team has won 3 in a row, I think of that scene in Major League.  Anyways, San Diego managed to pick up 11 hits, they just couldn’t string many together and Marco Gonzales was able to keep himself just out of trouble.

Rockies 5, D-backs 4Scouts: Colorado reached 15-15 at what is the 2020 midway point.  Many I just can’t get over this season being so damn weird.  Nolan Arenado did most of the work in this one, going 2-5 with a pair of RBI’s and two runs scored.

Royals 5, Cardinals 4Scouts: I don’t know why, but I rather enjoy looking up and seeing the Cardinals lose a nail-biter to the Royals.  St Louis did all their damage in the 3rd, but KC just kept picking away one run at a time.  Ryan O’Hearn homered in the 6th to tie it up, and Ryan McBroom (What a great baseball name) singled in the winning run in the 8th.

Angels 4, Asterisks 6 F/7 (Game 1)Scouts: 5 runs in the first and this game was pretty much over. LA attempted to come back, but it’s just too much to ask in a 7 inning affair.

Angels 12, Asterisks 5 F/7 (Game 2)Scouts: Wow, the LA bats really exploded all over this one, scoring in every inning except the second and third.  Every starter had a hit and all but three had a RBI.

Marlins 4, Mets 0 F/7 (Game 1)Scouts: Expect to see a lot of 7 inning doubleheaders as we are already past the halfway mark on the season and a LOT of teams have a LOT of games to make up.  Daniel Castano threw a shutout over 4.2 innings and the bullpen picked up where he left off.  All four Marlins runs came off singles.

Mets 0, Marlins 3 F/7 (Game 2)Scouts: Just another fun quirk of 2020.  The Marlins, who were the visiting team in Game 1 of this scheduled 7 inning double header, were the home team in Game 2.  Join me in a shared migraine at the fact I just wrote that forking sentence.  Home or Away, the lolMets couldn’t get a run either way.  Trevor Rogers making his MLB debut threw 4 innings of 1 hit ball, striking out 6.  Meanwhile Miami scored thanks to a double in the 4th, and a…yup, a stolen base in the 6th where Jon Berti stole second, third, and finally home.  Boy, when the Mets Met it up, they really met themselves.

Phillies 8, Nationals 3Scouts: The home-run by J.T. Realmuto perfectly encapsulates the Nationals 2020 season.  Meanwhile Phillies fans were all over social media tripping over themselves to talk about how great Jake Arrieta pitched for 5 innings.  You know if you ignore the lead off home run.  I mean it could be worse.  You could be paying Chris Davis…

Twins 2, Spiders 4Scouts: Francisco Lindor got a little pumped up after a 2 run homer in the 6th, screaming “Let’s Go” in Spanish so loud it shook the empty seats in the top deck of the stadium.  Shane Bieber struck out 10 over 6 strong innings.  The Al Central seems to be the strongest division in the league this year with three teams over .600 halfway through the season.

Athletics 10, Rangers 3Scouts: Matt Olson and Marcus Semien both hit two run homers and Oakland finally put up some impressive stats.  Hey, they might potentially become interesting!

Dodgers 8, Giants 10 F/11Scouts: San Francisco just refused to say die.  They tied it up in the 9th, then allowed one in the 10th, and tied it again.  Well of course they gave up one more in the 11th.  Well after Evan Longoria tied it once more in the bottom of the frame, Donovan Solano decided he had enough and walked it off with a homer into left center to finally put this game to bed.  18 pitchers were used in this game, with only two pitchers lasting longer than 1.1 innings.

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/25/2020

  1. Arrieta was good for five innings last night, and probably would’ve been good for seven, but there was an hour long rain delay after the fifth that ended his night.

    The only highlight for the Nats last night was this play by Victor Robles:

    It was only a regular season game, and Robles took a bad route to the ball, so it ain’t Mays in the ’54 Series, but it was something.

    In Nats-adjacent news, the Giolito no-hitter has Nats twitter fired up, seeing as how Giolito was one of the three pitchers shipped to the White Sox in the Adam Eaton trade a few years ago. Giolito found himself and started to really deliver on his promise last year (supposedly with help from his high school coach) and some Nats fans are now lamenting the trade as a huge loss for the Nats.

    Pardon my French, but the Nats won the fucking World Series last year, in no small part because Adam Eaton had an OPS of .993 during the Series, and made a legit case for MVP, although Strasburg deservedly won. Fifteen years into having a team, and some fans are still showing their absolute naivete about the game. Flags Fly Forever, and there cannot be any legit regrets about that trade, I don’t care how many Cy Youngs Giolito might win.

    Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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    1. SG, I get it. It’s like when the Braves had Adam Wainwright in their system. I mean, we can’t tell the future and let’s be honest…sometimes it just won’t work in that organization.

      And you’re right – you will always have that ring.

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