HoF Cancels “Eras” Committees for 2020

This year, two of the current iterations of what we used to call veterans committees for baseball’s Hall of Fame were supposed to meet.  Now they will not happen until the winter of 2021.  The HoF cited the coronavirus pandemic as the reason.

The two committees in question are the Early Baseball (pre-1950) and Golden Days (1950-1968) Committees.  The Hall announcement stated that the 16-member committees must be able to meet in person to discuss the merits of each candidate.  Apparently they’ve never heard of Zoom.

As a result, Buck O’Neil, Minnie Minoso, Bill Dahlen, Tony Oliva, Dick Allen, Gil Hodges, Curt Flood, Jim Kaat, Ken Boyer, Rocky Colavito, Maury Wills, Don Newcombe, Luis Tiant and others must wait at least another year to be considered.  I’ll not address my feelings of them individually right now, but several should have been in long ago, and not even considering them this year is really weak sauce.  Some are already no longer alive to enjoy getting the call, and delays mean others might not be when it finally comes. Again, weak.

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