He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/24/20

Prof: Today we’re going with that Celtic bluesman, Van Morrison. I am preparing documents to join the Daughters of the American Revolution, and discovered another Irish ancestor other than the one I knew about, both on my mother’s side. With a name like Reed, you’ve kinda got to be Irish, but I found that my great-grandmother’s great-great grandfather was an immigrant as well. Genealogy is pretty neat sometimes. To see the lines between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons. Speaking of fathers and sons, let’s talk about some Hall of Fame kids, and a grandpa or two.

Marlins 11, Nationals 8Scouts: Nats starter Austin Voth gave up 6 runs in 3.2 innings to bring his season tally to 0-3 with a 6.65 ERA.  With Stras going down for the season, this isn’t exactly the level of starting pitching the Nationals are hoping for to get them through the rest of the season.  The defending champions are currently 4th in the division behind the Mets of all people.  The METS.

Twins 3, Spiders 2Prof: Kenta Maeda is 4-0 on an injury ravaged squad being held together by AARP’s very own Nelson Cruz. (I say this, knowing full well Nelly and I are the same age.) He and Miguel Sano are breathing life into Minnesota and keeping the dream alive – Sano by hitting a two run homer and Cruz going solo.

Rockies 3, Diamondbacks 2Scouts: Trevor Story hit his 9th homer of the year, which is nice.  Other than that the game was rather unexciting to be honest.  We did have an interesting ejection, after Kole Calhoun was called out for and I’m not making this up…headbutting a baseball.

Cubs 9, Tigers 3Prof: A big night for Chicago as this win puts them as the second franchise to gain 11,000 victories. Javy Baez hit two homers, while David Bote went 3-5 with 4 ribbies. #FlyTheW

Reds 2, Brewers 4Prof: The Noted Drone Enthusiast gets the loss against fellow NL Central rival Milwaukee. Justin Smoak is your player of the game, with an RBI single and a two run homer.

A’s 2, Rangers 3Scouts: Another day, another win for the boring….eh, what’s that?  The Rangers won?  Against the A’s?  Well, I guess it happens from time to time.  Texas snapped a 8 game losing streak by beating the best team in the AL.  Lance Lynn held Oakland to a pair of runs over 6 innings, and the bullpen came in and locked things down the rest of the way.  All the scoring came in hte first two innings in this one.  And then it was pitchers duel to the end.

Royals 3,  Cardinals 9Scouts: Remember Paul Goldschmidt?  I swear dude would be a massive star if he didn’t spend his entire career in Arizona and St. Louis.  He continued to be the driving force of the Cardinal offense, picking up 3 RBI’s on 3 hits including a homer in the 6th.

Blue Jays 6, Rays 4Prof: What do the Buffalo Blue Jays and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack have in common? ALL THE HITS FROM THE BEE GEES! B – Biggio, and G – Vlad Jr, Gurriel Jr, and Grichuk, pretty much putting the game on their young shoulders. Grichuk had a three run homer.

Angels 4, Asterisks 11Scouts: The Houston trashbangers seemed to have everything clicking against Patrick Sandoval and the Angels, putting up consistent crooked numbers, while Framber Valdez was able to keep the Angel offense at bay.

One thought on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/24/20

  1. This lost year for the Nats took out another bullpen lefty, as Seth Romero, who was the only bullpen lefty on the active roster, slipped and fell on the stairs Saturday night. He at least took Crash Davis’ advice and tried to brace himself with his right hand, rather than his left, but he broke his right hand nonetheless, and so he’ll be on the shelf for a while.

    It’s nice to hear people around the Nats talk like there’s still something to play for this season, and they fought hard to come back from a 7-0 deficit last night, but the organizational focus for the remainder of the year ought to be deciding what to do with Mike Rizzo and Davey Martinez, both of whom are working on expiring contracts at the moment, and maybe selling off a few fringe pieces to restock their farm system a bit.

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