By the end of today four teams will have completed 30 games, six will have completed 29,  6 will have completed 28,  3 will have completed 27,  5 will have completed 26, 1 will have completed 25, 2 will have completed 24, and the Marlins will have completed 22, the Cardinals 17. Dunno, maybe all or most all of the games will be gotten in after all.


I suppose most of you disagree, but I like those 7 inning double header games. I like seeing small ball in the 5th or 6th inning. I like seeing lopsided games get over sooner so I don’t feel guilty changing the channel or falling asleep.

Bet you weren’t expecting this


DJ LeMahieu of the Yankees is now in the lead at 411. Charlie Blackmon of the Rockies is now down to 402. Looks like this is the last Sunday I’ll be able to use this. So glad I found that pic while I can still use it.


The estimated number of stars in the Milky Way


That’s Bryce Harper’s league leading OPS. Maybe at least for this year he won’t be over shadowed by Mr. Trout, who is down at the 17th spot with .984. 


That’s Miguel Sano’s strike out rate. Evan White of the Mariners leads the league with 42 K’s in 88 at bats but Miguel blows him away with 41 in 79 at bats. On the other hand Sano has very good OPS of .817

My how NUMB3RS has changed the game over the years


Disgusting and shocking: The team OPS of the Chicago White Sox, trailing only the Yankees. I am saddened to report that your beloved Twins are way down the list at 17 with a OPS of .742. 2020 has been a trying year.


The number of teams who have yet to benefit from a single complete game. Of the other 8 teams 7 have only 1, the Reds have 2. Would one of those 7 inning games count?

.263 / .273

The Dodgers continue to crush the Indians in team ERA. 

I almost missed it. .273 was Willie Horton’s batting average in his rookie year (.273 / 104 RBI / 29 HR)

That’s enough Elvis

Infinity Plus One

If  infinity plus one is infinity plus one what the hell is infinity? Infinity plus one minus one?

The Twins game starts in under an hour and I’m obviously running out of ideas.

Remember this?

5 thoughts on “NUMB3RS 1/2

  1. 7 innings pitched in a 7 inning game does count in the stats as a complete game. Not so clear: would a 7 inning no hitter count as a no hitter? A few years ago it was decided only 9 inning no hitters would count, and a few shorter ones got eliminated from the record books as a result. With 7 inning games being the regulation length for double headers, if one should have a no hitter, I’d think they’d have to count it as one…and reinstate those that were previously eliminated.


      1. To me, the rule should be:
        (1) If one pitcher pitches the whole way in an official game, it’s a complete game. Anything 5+ innings can be a complete game.
        (2) If the pitcher allows no hits in that complete game, it should be a no hitter.

        (1) is the rule, but (2) is not. It doesn’t really matter if a pitcher loses the no hitter in the 8th, 9th, or 10th.

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    1. I think it is. Williams son, against his wishes had it cryogenically frozen so that Dr McCoy could bring him back.


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