He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/19/20

Prof: A full slate today, fam. Enjoy the musical selections, a slice of my high school years.

Blue Jays 5, Orioles 2Prof: Buffalo birds be spicy! And the hottest Jay of them all right now has to be Randal Grichuk, who hit two homers again last night. Meanwhile poor Tommy Milone gets the L even while striking out seven. Is this how Baltimore fades back into mediocrity, not with a bang, but a whimper?

Phillies 3, Red Sox 6Prof: Boston wins a game! The streak has been broken and it’s not a surprise that the struggling Phillies are the victim. Rafael Devers went yard, had 3 ribbies. Jake Arrieta gets the loss for Philly, moving to 1-3.

Rays 4, Yankees 2Scouts: The red hot Rays stay red hot, as they aren’t so much as creeping up on the Yankees as MLB’s headline would suggest as storming the front gates.  Tyler Glasnow tempered the Yankees offense allowing just a pair of runs over 5.2 innings, striking out 8.  Tampa came out swinging with a pair of homers early by Ji-Man Choi and Mike Zunino, and then broke it all open in the 8th thanks to a bit of a meltdown by Zach Britton who picked up an error, a wild pitch, a walk, and a bunch of singles.


Brewers 9, Twins 3Prof: That terrific outfield duo of Ryan Braun and Christian Yelich strikes again. Braun went 2-4, including a two run homer, while Yelich also had a two run homer, bringing Brauny home. Am I bitter that after I left Wisconsin they got an exciting player to help make Braun not seem like a skank? Yes. Yes I am. Yeli is so fun and full of life that he elevates everything, even creaky old cheaters.

Asterisks 13, Rockies 6Prof: Basically Houston went HAM in Colorado. No taco’s tomorrow in Denver, boys. Among your offensive leaders were Gurriel, Correa, and Springer. You’ve never heard of any of these pitchers on either team.

Spiders 6, Pirates 1Prof: The Magical Land of Cleve’s bullpen needed the night off, and they got it. Young pitcher Aaron Civale went the distance, allowing five hits, issuing six Ks, and completing the game for the first time in his budding career. Offense was provided by allllll the Santanas.

Rangers 3, Padres 6Scouts: A lot of homers in this one.  Rougned Odor started it off in the first, Jurickson Profar and Fernando Tatis Jr. (12) followed up in the thrid.  Then Joey Gallo answered for the Rangers.  But it was Manny Machado who had the last laugh courtesy of a 436 foot, no doubt about it, come from behind, walk-off grand slam.

D-backs 1, A’s 4Scouts: I want to like the A’s.  I really do.  They are a pretty decent team.  But they have no flash.  No substance.  No excitement.  They go out and quietly win ballgames, and that’s great and all.  But they just seem so boring.  Is it just me or does anyone else feel this way?

Tigers 3, White Sox 5Prof: Woooooo, so many home runs! Edwin Encarnación hit two of them, and Jose Abreu hit one as well. I saw that a Tiger allowed a run off of an error, with the last name of Bonifacio. I was saddened to discover that it was not former Braves legend Emily Bonerface.


Cardinals 9, Cubs 3 F/7 (Game 1)Scouts: The Cardinals played their 12th game on the season.  Yup, you saw that right.  Anyways, Matt Carpenter with the grand slam in the first, and that was all they really needed.  The rest was just icing on the cake.  Ian Happ picked up his 6th homer for all the good it did him.

Cubs 4, Cardinals 2 F/7 (Game 2)Scouts: Chicago came back in game 2 to split the scheduled 7 inning double header.  No fireworks in this one, just decent 5 inning pitching on both sides.  The final two innings saw 5 total pitchers used.  Are they going to to fall roster expansions this year?  Because we may see 30 pitcher games at this rate.

Dodgers 4, Mariners 6Scouts: The 8-18 Mariners were able to hold onto a 2 run lead against the 18-8 Dodgers against all probability.  Taijuan Walker, who just a year ago was still recovering from Tommy John surgery lasted 7 innings against one of the best offenses in the game, striking out 8, and keeping the damage to 3 solo homers.


Reds 0, Royals 4 F/7 (Game 1)Scouts: I hadn’t heard about Thom Brennaman’s on air slur until reading Prof’s recap, so it prompted me to go google search it.  And I gotta say, that was a weak ass apology.  Don’t try to use your religion as a shield and then offer up a non-apology apology.  I hope this dude winds up announcing beer league softball games for the rest of his career.  Anyways, on to the game.  Brad Keller picked up his third win, pitching 6.2 scoreless innings, and has yet to allow a run on the season.  Not too bad!

Reds 5, Royals 0 F/7 (Game 2)Prof: Well… this was interesting. The Noted Drone Enthusiast was going to wear these sweet cleats celebrating cause celebre Joe Kelly, but rumor has it that the commissioner threatened a suspension if he did. Bauer then took the mound and went seven innings, striking out nine, and allowed only one hit. Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman said a slur live on air before this game, and in the fifth inning said a weak apology and uh… pfft, he gone.

Mets 5, Marlins 3Prof: How can you allow the Mets to roll up three in a row on you? But this is 2020, there are no rules. My favorite Met, Michael Conforto, hit a late inning two run dinger to win the contest for New York.


Angels 2, Giants 7Scouts: Man with the lineup they have, you’d think the Angels would be a lot better than they are.  Is it starting pitching?  Are they just not as good as they seem?  Mike Trout is batting .277.  What’s up with that?  Wilmer Flores and Austin Slater homered for the Giants who are now 6 games below .500.

Nationals, Braves – PPD (rain)

7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/19/20

  1. The Rays have taken 5/6 from the Yanks, already assuring at minimum a split in the season series. They’ve beaten ‘em twice in a row with Cole starting. He didn’t take the “L” as the pitcher of record either game, though—so his win streak is still alive at 20 and the unbeaten starts streak is now 28, tied for second longest such streak in MLB history…I won’t mind him getting 3 more such starts to erase Roger Clemens’ name from that record.


  2. Thanks for the STP!

    Emily Bonerface, Ha! I’m guessing you are referring to Emilio Bonifacio. The Bonifacio bootin’ the ball for the Tigers is his younger brother Jorge. A bright note for Tigger fans was the long anticipated MLB debut of 2018 #1 overall pick Casey Mize. He did pretty well with 4 1/3 innings, 3 runs, 7 Ks and 0 BB. On this Tigger staff that’s Cy Young quality stuff.

    Interesting note I read about Machado’s big salami in the Fathers’ game. It was the first time an NL team has hit a grand slam in 3 straight games since ’95. So 25 years you say? No, since 1895. It was done to the Boston Beaneaters (now known as the Atlanta Braves) by the original Cleveland Spiders.

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    1. I am indeed referring to Emilio! Some wag on Braves Twitter had an autocorrect foul up years ago and Emily Bonerface was born. Fond memories of bad play, we all have a guy.

      And you’re welcome! STP brought the hits, and my junior year of high school was when Tiny Music came out, mind blown.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. For 90s bands they were no Soundgarden or Alice In Chains, but I liked them better than Bush, Candlebox, or Queens of the Stone Age. And everybody was better than Creed, Nickleback, & Limp Bizkit.

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  3. I y’all ever decide to do a Raysfan music High school retrospective, the selections should be from: Eagles, Steve Miller Band, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Cheap Trick, Foreigner, Wings, and Journey.

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