Sunday Numb3rs 1/3rd


That’s the number of cars (instead of a bus or plane) that the Cardinals used to drive from St Louis to Chicago on Friday – one for each player and coach I guess. The account I saw implied that they all left at the same time convoy style. St Louis is about 300 miles from Chicago, at least a half day drive. I wonder if one of them had to stop and use the bathroom along the way. If they all stopped because of it that would make for a pretty crowded Super America somewhere. I don’t suppose they hit a McDonalds drive through along the way.


That’s the number of games the Cardinals have completed. I didn’t know this until yesterday but the last games the Cardinals played until this Saturday were the two games they lost to the Twins in the first week – their only two losses – your welcome.

What a wonderful year


MLB is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Negro League this weekend. Not a bad time to think about all those who have come before.


There are three players hitting 400 or better so far for the season. Charlie Blackmon of the Rockies leads the way at 438. The early part of this week he touched 500 and is apparently coming back to earth, he’s a career 310 hitter. So have fun with this one while you can, I don’t think we’ll have much room for delusional speculation on this one by the time we hit mid season.


Aaron Judge and Mr. Trout have each hit 9 home runs in 17 games. 9/17 x 162 = 85.76. Mr. Trout only being able to play 60 games during one of his remaining peak years is sort of like Ted Williams having to go off to war in 1943.


The Dodgers have hit 39 home runs in 22 games. 39/22 x 162 = 287.18. The Twins record of 307 shall never fall, 


The best pitcher most of you have probably never heard of – the Twins Randy Dobnak’s ERA after four starts. He’s scheduled to start today and the game starts in about an hour so I need to get this post up before anything happens.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Numb3rs 1/3rd

    1. Thanks. My final editing choice was between that and Louis Armstrong singing Hello Dolly. The look on the kid’s face at the piano in the opening seconds made my decision. Ironic that the best music is where it is best watched by muting it and looking at the faces singing it.

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  1. I’ve got to run, too. The Angels are going with Julio Teheran and his 2020 season 13.5 ERA. After last night, the Angels don’t want to lose late, so the plan today is to lose early.


  2. Sorry Happy, a mathematician that tells you 1/3 (or .333…) is an irrational number is a mathematician that doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. An irrational number is a number that cannot be expressed as a fraction. Rational numbers are numbers whose decimal expression either eventually terminates or repeats.
    Unbelievably the year 2020 is thus rational because while we all hope it never repeats, it will eventually terminate.


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