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  1. WordPress is a unique name for your dog.

    The Tiggers dropped their game vs the South Side Sox 7 – 5. Supposed Tigger ace Matthew Boyd gave up all 7 runs in 4 2/3 innings of soft tossing magic. His stats for the year would lead you to believe that he’s really some guy that played Class A ball last year and got bumped to the Show due to injuries. In 4 starts he’s endured 19⅓ innings and has a 10.24 ERA with a 1.965 WHIP.

    The Tiggers found out that CJ Cron has an issue with a ligament that stabilizes his knee cap. He’s on the 10 day IL and then hopes to be able to play with some support from a brace but he will eventually need surgery. Willi Castro was called up to take his place and he made an impact going 3 for 4 with a 2 run dong.


    1. Don’t you find it annoying and infuriating when you know a pitcher is done and should be pulled but for some reason the Manager doesn’t? I was yelling at the computer for them to take Boyd out three batters before they did — but, what, Gardy wants to build his confidence? That’s a fail — and the game went off the rails and crashed like Amtrak. You got an off-day Thursday, so wear out your pen a little to try and save the series. It was so obvious, I could see it through the interwebs. Sigh.

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  2. I just saw a clip in which Strasburg was ejected for arguing balls and strikes – from the stands. Wearing shorts.

    The last SNY announcer comment before the clip ended was “He just said something that has been said in stands forever.” I’m sure this person regrets saying such an idiotic thing. I’m sure he is speaking the truth. I nonetheless feel the need to point out that things said in stands ARE RARELY SAID BY ACTIVE MEMBERS OF COMPETING ROSTERS. It may also be true that THINGS SAID FROM STANDS ARE RARELY SO EASILY NOTICED BY UMPIRES DUE TO THE CUSTOMARY AMBIENT NOISE LEVEL.

    With baseball being played in such odd conditions announcers really need to pay attention and avoid speaking as if this is just like any game in any season. We don’t need constant reminders, only the occasional recognition that the game is different.


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