He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/10/20

Prof: So remember that brawl the other night? The Astros bench coach who helped spark the mayhem was suspended twenty games. In a 60 game season, that’s pretty huge. But… he’s a bench coach. All of this could have been avoided if Rob Manfred was concerned about the game in the first place, instead of lollygagging through the motions of being a commissioner.


Royals 5, Reds 6 F/10Prof: I was called out in the comments the other day and I want to apologize to Salvy Perez for saying that Whit Merrifield was the only player worth a good gosh darn on the Kansas City squad. Perez is hitting .311 as a catcher, and I completely disrespected that. So, I’m sorry. The Reds were being Reds and let the Royals play catch-up, and got all tied up going into extras. The World’s Sassiest Canadian saves the day, hitting a double that drove home Nick Senzel.

White Sox 8, Tigers 4Scouts: Chicago broke out of their slump in a big way putting up 8 against the Tigers, including a 4 spot in the first.  Both Tim Anderson and Edwin Encarnacion returned from injury to help get things moving.  Jose Abreu picked up 3 hits and a pair of RBI’s, and Eloy Jimenez broke out of his funk with a 3 run homer to get the first inning kicked off.

Nationals 2, Mets 1Prof: Ah, finally. There’s balance in the Force at last. Max Scherzer dominates, Mets lose in a heartbreaker. The way of the world, something normal. Rick Porcello gets the loss, but he didn’t pitch badly at all. However, it’s hard to beat a Mad Max firing on all cylinders. Six innings, seven Ks, and his royal badass is back in business. On the offense, the Treat Urner homered in the first inning to get it poppin’ for the Curly Dubs. Did y’all know that Trea, a wee child, is expecting a baby with his lady? I perpetually think of the Treat Urner as being about 17. I’m old.

Orioles 10, Philles 9 F/10Scouts: This just in.  The Baltimore Orioles aren’t completely horrible.  They may not necessarily good, but they are a game over .500 and have beaten a pretty decent slate of teams.  Baltimore scored all 10 runs after the 5th, including an inside the park homer by Austin Hays in the 10th.


Rays 8, Red Sox 2Prof: Lordy, Boston is junk right now. Tampa is good, yes, but Boston is just. Yuck. I hate looking at this box score, it makes me itchy. Passed balls, ground rule doubles. Saw a relief pitcher who went 2/3 of an inning, gave up four hits, ended up with an 8.38 ERA. Makes me sick. Was Mookie Betts really the only thing keeping them afloat this whole time?

Twins 4, Brewers 6Scouts: The Brewers were down 4-1 in the 5th, but got a spark from Manny Pina going yard twice followed by a Jedd Gyorko homer.

Braves 6, Yankees 9Prof: Atlanta lost a tough one, especially when you realize they were coming back with a vengeance in the latter innings. The first five innings, though? That’s all New York. Luke Voit continues to do good things, and Aaron Judge hit a solo blast to solidify the Yankees’ nasty lead. Starting in the sixth, the Braves woke up. Marcell Ozuna hit a three run homer to get them on the board, while a fielding error from DJ LeMahieu led to an additional run in the seventh. Too little, too late for Atlanta, though.


D-backs 7, Rockies 8Scouts: Oof, this one was a nail-biter.  Colorado blew this game wide open with 6 runs in the 8th, only to watch Arizona try to storm back in the top of the 9th. Daniel Bard saved the day however striking out Stephen Vogt with runners on first and 3rd to end the game.

Mariners 2, Rangers 4Scouts: Mike Minor only lasted 4 innings in the start for Texas, but that didn’t slow them down thanks to Nick Solak who picked up 3 RBI’s on a pair of singles int he first and 3rd innings, and a bullpen that was able to keep Seattle at bay.

Padres 6, Dodgers 2Scouts: Manny Machado might be the hottest hitter in baseball, on the hottest offense in baseball.  Machado smoked a grand slam to deep center in the 3rd and Jurickson Profar followed with a homer of his own in the 5th for good measure.  The Padres are now 11-7 and are quickly becoming the team to watch out for in the NL West, a division with three teams over .600.


Marlins 4, Blue Jays 5 F/10Prof: This was the first “home” game for the Blue Jays, in their renovated new digs in Buffalo, NY. The stadium they are playing in is actually really great, and has had a major makeover in a short period of time to make the Toronto boys feel a little more at home. It’s a great show of support for a team who was stranded when the season first started. To the game – Feesh first, but the Jays found their wings. Bo Bichette gets the first Buffalo Blue Jay homer, a three run blast in the sixth. Not to be outdone, Francisco Cervelli hit a three run homer of his own to tie it up. Bottom of the tenth, and Travis Shaw gets a single to end the first professional game played in Buffalo in over 100 years.

Cubs 7, Spiders 1Prof: Two Spiders pitchers were sent home for breaking quarantine. Y’all are some dumbasses, I am disappointed. In a rematch of the 2016 World Series, Chicago was once again victorious. Jason Heyward recently had a birthday, and he must have decided to celebrate last night, because he had himself a hell of a night. 4 RBI including a three run homer in the sixth. Ian Happ was also money at the plate, going 2-3 with an RBI of his own.

Giants 7, Asterisks 6 F/10 – Scouts: I don’t mind admitting I’m actively rooting for the Houston Asterisks to fail this year, and to watch them blow a 6-2 lead entering the 7th, thanks to a 3 run Hunter Pence Homer in the 7th, a Darin Ruf single to tie it n the 9th, and a Brandon Crawford single in the 10th to really drive that dagger home.

Athletics 0, Angels 6 – Scouts: Dylan Bundy continues to give all Orioles fans Jake Arrietta flashbacks, racking up another impressive performance.  This time Bundy shut down the Athletics allowing just 4 hits and 0 runs over 4 innings with 10 strike outs.  I’m not quite convinced this will last, but so far he looks pretty good.


Pirates, Cardinals – PPD (Covid-19) – Prof: At this point just let St. Louis forfeit everything. I don’t know how these games can be made up. Someone smarter than me, please enlighten me as to why we are allowing this to go on.


6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/10/20

  1. I was expecting the BoSox to have lots of high scores this year—putting up lots of runs with a good offense but giving them up in bunches due to a tire fire of a rotation. The rotation is just as bad as I thought it’d be, but the offense is underperforming. Not a good combination for them.


  2. I feel like a moran that I have been working from home since mid-March and the season has been on almost a month, and I am JUST NOW realizing that a) I can comment on here during the day because I’m on my home network, and b) I CAN LISTEN TO THE DAY GAME TODAY WHILE WORKING!!!!!

    Last night’s game was painful. Dan Petry is the worst (hey, jackass, some of us don’t root for the other team’s good players to be hurt & out of the lineup!) — and the play on the field was not good either. It was over in the 1st, really, and though there were okay moments, we didn’t come back. The pitching was not great, and Shep’s homering about being within 5 on the score aside, our offense was…unlit (that’s the opp of lit, right?). I don’t feel like it was because the ChiSox were so dominate — I just felt like it was an off night and the youngster crapped the 1st so bad it was hard to recover. Sometimes when it’s like that, the team gets so wound up about the difference, they do dumb stuff (stop at 2B, ding-dong, and don’t chase pitches). Eh, it’s a game. Today is new. Eat ’em up, Tigers!


    1. I tease because as a fellow Tigger fan I love ya, but there is something particularly ironic about saying you “feel like a moran*”. I’ve seen others misspell it also and it always gives me a chuckle.

      So MLB allowed teams to have a back up squad, now at 32 players after rosters were reduced to 28, to have ready replacements in case of injuries. These players have been at a separate location from the MLB squad. So why hasn’t MLB issued a waiver to the rule that players have to be on the 40 man roster to play an MLB game and made the Cardinals bring up their back up squad to play their scheduled games? Sure they may get the crap beaten out of them but who’s fault is that? It would be better for these beatings to happen than for all the Cardinals opponents to miss out on games that could make a difference in what teams make the playoffs. How would Paper feel about that?


      1. I did it on purpose! I’m glad you got it.

        Paper would feel that they deserved to have to do that and get clobbered. He is so mad at his stupid team right now. He thinks they deserve all the crap they get because they are bringing it on themselves.

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