Laureano: 6, Cintron: 20

MLB handed down its suspensions for the A’s – Astros dust up.  A’s pitcher Ramon Laureano got 6 games, and Astros’ Alex Cintron gets to sit out 1/3 of the season.  Laureano is appealing.  He insisted Cintron said something about his mom. He stated he regrets charging the dugout, that he shouldn’t have let a “loser” get to him. Cintron denies it.  What’s not deniable is that he not only did jaw at Laureano but also waived at him to come on.  Obviously MLB felt he was the instigator and also held him to a higher standard as a coach.  Cintron did not appeal and began his exile tonight.

in other news, WordPress wouldn’t upload any pictures tonight, so you get a generic feature photo.  Sorry.

Further, autocorrect apparently does not like the name “Cintron” and I’m bad at proofreading.  I think the goofs are all fixed now.


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