He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/10/20

Scouts: Hey gang, I have a early appointment in the office tomorrow and won’t be able to do my usual morning edits.  I’ll do the best I can tonight and Prof is going to help pick up the slack, but it’s possible we may miss something since apparently baseball still needs to run games at 2am despite not having any fans.  Seriously, with all the changes for Covid, why are day games not a thing?  Why are games still ending when 80% of the country is asleep?  Anyways, I’ll try to clean things up if/when I get a break, but we may need you to help fill in the gaps.




Rays 8, Red Sox 7Scouts: The Rays are currently up 8-5 in the 8th, and have the bases loaded with two outs.  Will the Sox be able to mount a comeback?  [Prof Edit: No. No, they could not.] Hey, you know what would be a tough job right now?  To be an announcer for the 6-9 Boston Red Sox.  Dennis Eckersley, all of Baltimore joins me in telling you that you are a giant dick.

Twins 4, Brewers 2Scouts: Minnesota gets back on the winning track thanks to a Grand Salami by Eddie Rosario in the 3rd.  Both starting pitchers lasted just 5 innings, a trend I’ve become to notice a lot this season.  Seems with the expanded rosters managers are very rarely allowing their starters to go past 5.



White Sox 1, Tigers 5Prof: El Tigre, hear them roar! Detroit Rock City is now 9-5 and looking pretty dang good. JaCoby Jones hit an inside the park home run, what fun.



Diamondbacks, Rockies – Scouts: 

Giants 4, Asterisks 6Prof: Lance McCullers, Jr allowed one hit over seven scoreless innings, a solid night for the pitcher who is still fresh off of injury rehab. Lots of questionable fielding from San Francisco, including an error that led to Alex Bregman scoring in the third inning and setting up yet another run later in the same inning.



Nationals 16, Mets 4Prof: In the first NL East butt whoopin’ we’re covering today, the Nationals climb out of their doldrums from being humiliated by the Orioles at home by ganging up on the New York Mets. It started out hot and heavy, too; a solo homer in the 2nd, then two two-run homers in the third. In the sixth inning, Yan Gomes walked with the bases loaded, bringing Juan Soto home. And no, I don’t think it was intentional. Woof. Towards the end of the game, the Curly Dubs had to rely on their struggling relief pitching corps or maybe they decided to play a cruel game and give the Mets some hope before cruelly ripping it away. Let’s go with that, that’s much more fun.

Mariners 10, Rangers 2Scouts: Seattle has a 9-2 lead in the top of the sixth  after scoring 3 in the 5th and 5 (so far) in the 6th.  So I’m going to go ahead and call this one for the M’s.  Kyle Lewis homered to get the party started in the 5th, and Kyle Seager finished off the Kyle homer sandwich with a grand salami in the 6th.  Tonight is apparently the night of grand slams.  Pretty sure we are up to 3 now.

Athletics, AngelsScouts:



Padres, DodgersScouts:

Braves 8, Phillies 13Prof: Here’s the other NL East massacre, and it wasn’t even as close as this looks. Atlanta was cooked, guys. I mean, it was game over, man. The only reason this even got close is that I think the Phillies let the Phanatic pitch the ninth. Anyway, Didi Gregorius hit a grand slam, Bryce Harper hit a three run blast, and the lack of another reliable starter not named Max hurts the Braves once again.



Pirates, Cardinals – PPD (Covid-19)

10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/10/20

  1. In fairness, that inside-the-park HR should have been a single, but the CF missed it and it bounced to the wall. CJ Cron left the game with an injury, and I haven’t checked yet to see if he’s going to be out for multiple games, but I hope he’s okay. We had some pretty good plays, and it’s been more fun to watch than I thought. Paper has been joining me — for obvious reasons — and he has even enjoyed them some. He’s even gotten in on bitching about Shep (seriously, you should see the FB comments — the one thing that unites the D is hating Shep). Also, re: FB, the number of Boomers complaining about flag-kneeling is starting to abate some, which is good. They were bitching about it even on the posts identifying which service member was being honored at the game today!!! No one cares, Karen! How long are you going to keep complaining? Take your glove and go home, already.

    I continue to love Goodrum, who I think the Tigers still undervalue. The diving tag by Norris was pretty exciting stuff, and defensively, we have definitely been better than past years. The Tigers playing some small ball and defensive improvement??? Who knew?

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    1. Also, when Cron went down, they didn’t show the replay, so Paper was immediately postulating that he got hit in the dick. Dude totally got my hopes up — but it hit Cron in the knee (not even with quotation marks). So, no entertainment value to the injury at all.


  2. More confirmation that 2020 has been one weird-ass year. If the season ended today the Tiggers and Feesh would be in the playoffs, the Nats and Asterisks wouldn’t. Unfortuately a ding to the #MotorCityMojo happened on this play when CJ Cron went down with a knee injury. No diagnosis released yet.

    Meanwhile, in the Magical Land of Boredom, Zach Plesac and Mike Clevinger are both doing their best to turn the Spiders into the AL version of the COVID Cardinals. Both broke quarantine rules and went to a bar in Chicago during their last road trip. Maybe the Spiders need to put up some signs to remind Clevinger that long-haired freaky people need to FOLLOW THE DAMN RULES!!!

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    1. Not only that but if the season ended today every team except our siblings in Kansas City would be in the playoffs. Didn’t I say that this year was going to be wonderfully weird.


    2. I forgot: one of their teammates had leukemia or something, right? OMG! How can they break the bubble like that knowing they’d put a teammate at risk?! Jerks!

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        1. He’s in remission but he’s so freshly out of it that it’s the absolute most irresponsible thing for those guys to break quarantine. Where’s the brotherhood???


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