Sunday Numb3rs 2

God invented spreadsheets because of baseball.

Sinatra! Because!

How They Hitting

The Yankees and Dodgers have hit 27 Bomba’s in 15 games.  That works out to 291.6 over 162 games. Last week’s leaders were on a 303.75 pace.

2019: 307 (your beloved Twins – did I mention that last week?)

Those gosh dern Yankees are the only team with an OPS .800 or better, and only barely (.803). The league average is .706 The Indians come in last with a team OPS of .607. Just thought I’d mention it.

2019: .754

The teams are averaging 4.38 runs per game.  You’ll be pleased to learn that the Indians are only averaging 3.75 runs per game.

In 2019 the team average was 4.07 – remember no DH for half the games

There are 21 players in the American League hitting 300  or better.

1968: One (Carl Yastrzemski)

Die Moritat von Mackie Messer

How They Pitching

Where to start? Five teams have been the beneficiary of one complete game. Twenty five have not.

2019: Who cares.

According to the Indians lead MLB with an ERA of 1.99. Fake News!!! The Mariners are the bottom with an ERA of 6.06. That I believe.

Average team ERA (hang on a sec I have to copy and paste the MLB chart into Excel and that’s tricky for me because my mouse hand is jerky and shaky. If you hear some yelling in the next few minutes it’s probably because of that): Damn Damn Damn!!! Unlike the team hitting charts I can’t get it to paste in a spreadsheet format. We’ll have to settle for individual observations

The Royals come in at # 15 with a team ERA of 4.05.

2019: #1 Dodgers 3.37 / #15 Giants 4.38

Wow the Reds are averaging 12.31 K/9. That blows away the #2 Indians who are only getting 10.8. Number 15 with 8.3 are the Royals who just had the nerve to go ahead of the Twins for the fourth game in a row which is hardly even fair because it’s too early to start drinking.

2019: #1 Astros 10.28 / #15 Diamondbacks 8.77

Because It’s Too Early To Start Drinking And It Will Be Even Better After It’s Time To Start Drinking


6 thoughts on “Sunday Numb3rs 2

  1. Happy, stats can be easier on Baseball Refernece. Here’s a link for team pitching ERA. When you click on a column heading it will present either low to high or high to low with league average noted in sequence and at the bottom.

    In other sports news, yesterday the Mid-American Conference announced that all fall sports are moving to the spring due to COVID. So no mid-week football MACtion on ESPN this fall. It will be interesting to see how many conferences follow their lead.


    1. Thanks Sparty. I will take a look at the links you provide. But as you probably already know, I’m a, self taught, 97 Office type guy, along with being a self taught MS SQL Server programmer type guy. I am of the sort who fears that if I don’t know everything I don’t know nothing. Paralyzing. I remember my older brothers going to school with slide rulers sticking out the top of their shirt pockets. The same slide rulers that put a man on the moon. And the pre algebraic arithmetical (high elementary school methods) continue to operate in the same way as they always have. The growth in computer processing speeds does not make that better, it just makes it faster. If you ain’t sure where you going, then don’t go


  2. “Fly Me To The Moon”: That’s a young Quincy Jones behind Sinatra directing the Count Basie Orchestra. The entire show features Sammy Davis Jr. & Dean Martin.

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    1. I love that song, too: in a movie called Space Cowboys (directed by Clint Eastwood), Tommy Lee Jones takes hidden nuclear weapons out of Earth orbit, all the way to the moon, with Sinatra singing him along.

      Big Thumb Up to Happy!


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