He Said, She Said – Scores And Highlights For 8/6/20

Scouts: It’ll be more of a he said, he said today.  Prof isn’t feeling well and wasn’t able to do her part of the post last night.  I’m also a bit under the weather, so today’s post is a little delayed.  But with a shortened season, I figure we gotta do all the posts we can, so let’s get down to it!

I wanted to take a quick moment to publicly welcome all our new/old friends from the now defunct Hardball talk.  I’ve noticed a lot of new names the past few days, and we are more than welcome to have you.  Let this be your home away from home.  Please pull up a chair, stay awhile, and dive right in!


Twins 5, Pirates 6Scouts: Yikes Minnesota Bullpen.  The Twinskies blew a lead twice, first a 3 spot in the first, and then a 5-3 lead they coughed up in the 8th and 9th.  Kevin Newman singled in Cole Tucker and Bryan Reynolds with one down in the 9th to walk this one off.

Giants 4, Rockies 6Scouts: Colorado has picked up their 4th series win on the season (Hint, that’s all of them) thanks to a 5 run 7th that included homers by Daniel Murphy and Charlie Blackmon.  Trevor Story also went yard in the 6th.  Could this be the year Colorado is a real threat?

Rangers 4, Athletics 6Scouts:  Despite getting out hit 2:1, the A’s made their hits count the most, doing most of the damage with singles, sac fly’s, and even a bunt. (You all remember bunting right?)

Angels 6, Mariners 1Scouts: Shohei Ohtani is back, and got things started with a homer in the 2nd.  Then the Angels managed a 3 run 4th and a pair in the 8th and it was more than Dylan Bundy needed who pitched a complete game, 4 hits and allowed just a single run.  It’s a small sample size, but I can tell you the Oriole fanbase is already having a melt down over Bundy’s 2.08 ERA this season.


Yankees 4, Phillies 5Scouts: This was a big series win for the Phillies who more than stumbled to enter the season before having to face the red-hot Yankees.  This one was put together by the bullpen, as Zach Eflin couldn’t make it beyond 4 innings.

Reds 0, Spiders 13Scouts: Yikes.  The team from the land of Cleve put up a massive 7th, which saw 10 runs cross the plate.  And most of it came due to singles and walks.  Just absolutely brutal.


Asterisks 4, D-Backs 5Scouts: Arizona picked up their first series win thanks to a walk off double by Kole Calhoun in the 9th.

Cubs 2, Royals 13Scouts: Another brutal shellacking, this time by the Royals.  The difference in this one is Kansas City spread out the damage, scoring in every inning except the 4th and 6th.  Among all the damage included homers by Whit Merrifield, Maikel Franco, and Jorge Soler.  Every starter had a hit, and only two starters failed to pickup a RBI.  Just a total team effort.

Blue Jays 3, Braves 4Scouts: Nick Markakis wasn’t even supposed to be here.  A month ago, he elected to opt out of the season.  Well then, he decided to opt back in and last night was his first start of the season, and he decided to go ahead and make an impact with a walk-off homer in the 9th.


Orioles 7, Marlins 8Scouts: The Marlins completed their sweep of the Orioles, despite placing 13 players on the injured list before the game, that included Sandy Alcantara and Caleb Smith, two of their top rotation options.  And yet they still hold a half game lead in the NL East.  Davis Watch: Chris Davis went 1-3 with a strike out and 3 LOB.  He’s batting .087.


Brewers 8, White Sox 3Scouts: They say sometimes you just need a ground ball to take a weird hop to snap a slump.  Well, Christian Yelich got….well, I don’t even know how to describe it.  But in the books it’s a home run.


Tigers, Cardinals – PPD – Covid

Phillies, Marlins – PPD – Covid

3 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores And Highlights For 8/6/20

  1. For teams like the Angels, wins are precious. Happy to have our new ace, Dylan Bundy. We are not quite convinced he’s the real deal.

    Maybe he just likes practice? Games with cardboard faces in seats is like playing on the sandlot.


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