He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/2/20

Scouts: I know I’ve been out of it a little bit, but somehow I missed that MLB has decided to force in scheduled 7 inning double headers, in addition to the bonus runner on second in extra innings rule.  Topped off with fake crowd noise, and stadiums that are still piping in music and commercials between innings (for those listening on radio I guess,) MLB is looking more and more like a beer league softball by the minute.  On top of that, there are currently 2-3 COVID-19 outbreaks running rampant around the league and then you have that incredibly odd situation in New York with Cespedes, who decided to opt-out of the season without bothering to tell…anyone?

Pirates 1, Cubs 2 F/11Scouts: All it took was a single by Javier Baez in the 11th as the bonus runner came into play yet again  Man 2020 is weird.

Rangers 9, Giants 5Scouts: Joey Gallo’s three run homer was part of a 4 run 7th that gave Texas the lead for good.

Dodgers 3, Diamondbacks 0Scouts: Clayton Kerhaw is back and looked like the Clayton of old, allowing just 3 hits over 5.2 innings, while striking out 6.  He was supported by a lights out bullpen and homers by Cody Bellinger and Mookie Betts.


Asterisks 6, Angels 5 F/11Scouts: Alex Bregman singled in the bonus runner in the 11th to drop the Angels to 3-7 and take the Asterisks to a game over .500. Framber Valdez came in to pitch 6.1 innings of relief after Josh James allowed 4 runs in 3 innings.


A’s 3, Mariners 2Scouts: Has Chris Bassitt cemented his new job as starting pitcher?  Bassitt went 5.2 innings striking out 7 and only allowing 3 hits.  His season ERA was raised to .93.

Reds 4, Tigers 3 (game 1) F/7Scouts: Man 2020 continues to be weird.  This was the first of a scheduled 7 inning double header.  Yes, that’s right in order to force in two games into one day MLB has intentionally changed baseball rules to 7 inning ball games.  Can we please just end this farce of a season?  Nick Castellanos homered twice for the Reds.

Reds 4, Tigers 0 (game 2) F/7Scouts: And we have a 7 inning, 2 hit complete game by Trevor Bauer.  I just can’t even.


Rays 1, Orioles 5Prof: We are living in weird days. Baltimore,  a team of actual people dug up somewhere, where virtually every named player I know is out, has a winning record. In fact, they just swept the Rays. Renato Nunez is your hero with a homer and couple RBI’s.

Mets 0, Braves 4Prof: Big day for Atlanta. Fresh out of the box, Kyle Wright and a spotty Braves bullpen had themselves a day. For the Mets, the big news was that Yoenis Cespedes mysterious opted out but didn’t tell anyone he was leaving. So the Mets made it seem like he was missing for several hours. Yikes, New York. Freddie Freeman is baller ever since he got a new kitten, FYI.

White Sox 9, Royals 2Scouts: Nick Madrigal went 4-5 and Yasmani Grandal picked up 3 RBI’s on 3 hits as the Sox absolutely smoked the Royals.

Spiders 1, Twins 3Prof: The Twins are on fire! 7-2 in this infant season and they keep on rolling. Mitch Garver hit his first homer of the year.


Padres 6, Rockies 9Scouts: Daniel Murphy went 4-4 with a pair of RBIs standing out on a day where the two teams combined for 22 hits and 15 runs scored.

Red Sox 7,  Yankees 9Scouts: Is it too early to call the Red Sox done for the year?  Aaron Judge hit his 6th homer in the last 5 games moving the Yankees to 7-1 and the Red Sox to 3-7.  Oof.


Nationals, Marlins – PPD

Cardinals, Brewers – PPD

Phillies, Blue Jays – PPD

Cardinals, Brewers – PPD

4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/2/20

  1. In the first game of the Tiggers/Reds DH, Tigger reliever Tyler Alexander broke the record for consecutive strike outs by a relief pitcher (8 by Ron Davis in 1981), and tied the AL record for any pitcher (9 by Dog, er Doug, Fister in 2012). On his 10th batter he had Mike Moustakas in a 1-2 hole but hit him in the forearm on an inside pitch. He then struck out Eugenio Saurez so he came very close to breaking the overall MLB record of 10 straight Ks by Tom Seaver in 1970. Crash Davis was not impressed.



    1. How shitty was Jack’s question about whether the ball belonged to the Tigers and if Alexander gave it up willingly??? Ouch. That was super awkward! I almost felt sorry for Shep, but he wouldn’t have a smart response anyway. Why can’t I play Jim & Dan over the video???!!!


  2. I saw that Pujols Grand Slam clip seven or eight times. Watching it here, it occurred to me that if the Angels Bullpen would WORK ON THEIR PITCHING instead of playing catch the historic homer, perhaps said historic homer wouldn’t be for naught.


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