Sunday NUMB3RS

NUMB3RS is a TV program from the early 2000’s (I think, they all have flip phones). A math genius helps his FBI agent brother to solve crimes, thwart terrorists, etc. by mathematically modeling the often devilishly brilliant bad guys. It’s on most all day every Friday, so somehow that gave the idea to see what I could find in the way of numbers for the first week of this historically exciting and wonderful season. Yeah, I know go figure.

Today’s gonna be Swing


Five teams are tied for the homerun lead with 15. Four of the five teams have played 8 games, the other having played 9.  15 home runs per 8 games multiplied out to 162 games comes out to 303.75. The record set by the Twins last year is 307. As you would assume the Twins are one of these five teams.

Hey, Aaron Judge has homered in each of his last four games. Even though he’s a Yankee let’s  hope he can expand it for a few more. Wonder what the record is.

Them Durn Feesh

Twelve teams have gotten 9 games in, seven have gotten eight in, seven have gotten seven in, one – six, one – five, and of course (you know who) with three each. When a team screws up as bad as the Marlins did they should be forced to forfeit the games lost to keep the season on track. Altogether 181 games (per team have been played averaging out to 6.033 per team.

Wait a minute, how can the number of games played  by the teams be an uneven number? Oh well, did you know that in 2019 28 teams played 162 games and two teams played 161 games.

Wake Up!


Wow. The Padres in nine games have stolen 14 bases in 15 attempts. The Mariners and Rangers are next with 8 each. In a combined 16 games the Cubs and your beloved Twins have stolen 0. in 2019 the Padres were exactly middle of the pack with 70 for the season.

So How They Hitting?

Excluding the Marlins and Phillies who have only played three games, only the Cubs have a team OPS over 800. In 2019 five teams finished with an OPS over 800. This year so far the Red Sox come in 15th with a team OPS of .724, last year it was the Indians at .756. Looks like it’s down some. See below.

So How They Pitching?

Through nine games the Dodgers have a team ERA of 2.04. Five teams have an ERA under 3. And eight teams have an ERA over five.  The middle of the pack number 15 Braves have an ERA of 4.22

Last year the Dodgers led all with a team ERA of 3.37. Of course no team had an ERA under three, while six finished with an ERA under four and six teams had an ERA over five. Small sample size extremes I guess.

Are your eyes starting to glaze over a little. Mine are. One more shot of music magic and I’m off.

4 thoughts on “Sunday NUMB3RS

  1. Thanks for the post, Happy.

    Not sure what the record might be for consecutive games with a home run to start a season, but the record for consecutive games with a homer is 8 — first reached by Dale Long of the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1956. The feat has since been matched twice — by Don Mattingly in 1987 and Ken Griffey Jr. in 1993, meaning that Long has held the National League record for 64 years (so far).


  2. Good job, Happy! I wondered while reading if steals are up because some managers think some catchers and pitchers haven’t got their timing down? will the trend continue? I find the stolen base attempt to be a delight to watch.

    If you did not notice, Wilford Brimley died this weekend. He played the manager, Pop, in “The Natural.” I don’t really consider that to be a baseball film – it’s a film with baseball in it. Still, Pop’s rap during games, ragging on his team, the other team, the umpires, all while playing Name That Tune with his bench coach Red, was terrific. Hope you’re heading toward home, Mr. Brimley.


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