MLB 2020 Season In Danger Due To Totally Predictable Covid-19 Outbreak

In case you weren’t aware, there’s currently an outbreak of Covid-19 running through the Marlins Clubhouse.  As of the time of me writing this, 11 players have already tested positive.  Tonight’s game against the Baltimore Orioles has been postponed.  The Orioles who arrived in Miami today to begin a three game set have already reportedly turned around and gone back to Baltimore, meaning they won’t be playing any of the three games.  Additionally, the Yankees game against the Phillies have been postponed as the Phillies are also potentially at risk because they for some reason shared the same locker room as the Marlins.  The Owners have a scheduled call today to discuss the situation.  Keep in mind there has only been 3-4 games played in a 60 game season.  The Marlins have released the following statement:

Oh, and the best part.  A group text has been released where the players KNEW there was a potential outbreak, and decided that they would just go ahead and play a 3 hour, 44 minute game against the Phillies on Sunday anyways.  They did not conduct contact tracing, or isolation, or even take any additional precautions so far as anyone can tell.  What they did do was fly together to Philadelphia, traveled via buss to the hotel, then to the ballpark, dressed in the clubhouse, and then sat together in the dugout.

“That was never the mentality,” Rojas said. “We knew that this would happen at some point. We came to the ballpark and we were ready to play. That was never our thought that we weren’t going to play.”

The casual nature of it all is just so jarring.  Of course the team learned on Monday that 8 additional players tested positive.
The Phillies were alerted Sunday morning that some of the Marlins tested positive, and told their team to take precautions.  Some of them, like Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins wore masks.  But the Phillies never once considered not playing because they relied on the Marlins to follow protocol.

 Manager Joe Girardi said he thought the Marlins “followed protocol.” Harper said the Phillies do “all the things the right way to hopefully not contract that.” So they played Sunday, but can’t play Monday.

And now they are shut down and testing the entire team.
There is no word on when the games will get made up, or if they will get made up, because when the heck are you going to make these games up?  The season is jam packed so tight, there doesn’t seem to be any room.  And what are you going to do about future outbreaks?
Really at this point, why are we continuing to try to cram in a 2020 season.  Baseball is not ready.  We are not ready.  We all want baseball, but we have to suck it up, make the sacrifice, and shut everything we can down until we get the virus under control.

Update: According to Jeff Passan, the plan seems to be to send the “healthy” Marlins to Baltimore and to play the games there.

Update 2: MLB has announced that they will be going forward with the 2020 season and didn’t even consider shutting down the season. So, yea. Prepare for more of this.

9 thoughts on “MLB 2020 Season In Danger Due To Totally Predictable Covid-19 Outbreak

  1. Too bad Gator’s still not here to have the time of his life berating the incompetence of the Marlins.


      1. Maybe he did make a deal with The Gods. He is well versed in those things.

        Don’t be surprised if we soon learn that Jeter and whoever she is his Infotainment Land – Model “wife” (or is that A Rod I’m thinking of?) test positive for the Plague. Maybe even Tommy (inorganic but a life form nonetheless) will come down with it too.

        Maybe even Gator (hey Rick!!!) is still sneaking some looks here.

        See you tomorrow Sparty, time to unpluck the keyboard for the night (you know why).


      2. Gator didn’t have to hex anyone. The Feesh franchise has been marinated in abject stupidity and denial since back in the glory days of Jeff Loria.

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  2. We’ll see what sort of consequences there are for the Marlins for not following protocol. Hopefully no Phillies or Yankees get sick thanks to Marlins dumbassery.

    Outbreaks are expected. It’s why they have the 60-player taxi squads. It would have surprised me at this point if they did shut the whole thing down. Yet.


    1. They need a bubble. It’s the only way it works out well. This is going to be a crapper of a season because it’s going to turn on utility guys and fill-ins.


  3. My fingertips were burning so I figgered I’d check if it was coming from this thread. I’d been writing book reviews for Fish Stripes, the SB Nation’s Marlins portal, so this morning I sent their editor the following message (really):

    “Would you like me to frame up a few extra reviews or articles to help you take up some column inches, or are you just going to add a live feed from the New England Journal of Medicine?”

    I envision some serious dumpster diving for the Feesh if they actually plan to try to get through the “whole” season. I hear they’ve been talking to the Pirates about the fishing rights to Roberto Clemente.

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    1. Goddamn you beat me by six minutes. You posted this before my fading eyesight and jerking mouse hand could complete the comment above. As you already know Teach, I’m a grinder not a blinder.


  4. First and foremost, they are ballplayers. As such, while genius is among them it isn’t a requirement. I’m sure many of these fellows think those who opted out are, as Hans and Franz would say, “girly men.” I talk to people every day, as part of my work, who ask when we will open up and return to normalcy. Many of them ask me to “end this foolishness” and reopen our doors. I’m sure we can count among these ballplayers some who think 144,028 dead people (and rising) is a small bump in the road. If these fellows hadn’t infected their teammates they would be home infecting their wives, kids, and others.

    If the season ends prematurely so be it. Obviously it is an asterisk season – we knew that months ago. I for one plan to enjoy what I can because there has been precious little to enjoy this year. I even enjoyed looking up Shohei’s ERA at (it is “inf”). If anything, he is likely the highest-paid pitcher to ever achieve that notable measurement. I’m gonna enjoy this regardless of all the reasons not to.

    Good to see your nom de plume, Gator. That is, if you really ARE OldGator!

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