Update: Verlander Denies He’s Done for the Year

Justin Verlander is reported to be done for the season due to an elbow injury.  Neither the Houston Chronicle nor MLB.com articles I saw specified what the specific injury is, but “elbow” and “gone for the year” often means a UCL injury—hope not.  He pitched the Astros’ opener, logging 6 scoreless innings as they won, and looked none the worse for wear afterward.  Regardless, losing him is a serious blow to the Astros hopes of repeating as pennant winners.

Update:  Verlander has tweeted he has a forearm strain and expects to be better with rest. He called the previous reports inaccurate.

3 thoughts on “Update: Verlander Denies He’s Done for the Year

  1. Here’s a thought. Maybe changing a pitching regimen that got you to first round HOF status was not the smartest idea he ever had.


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