Bard Tallies 1st Win in 8 Years

Daniel Bard pitched 1.2 innings in relief for the Rockies against the Rangers yesterday.  The Rockies won, and he was credited with the win.  Other than a brief eye roll over crediting a pitcher for a team accomplishment, no big deal, right?  However, this is his first time being a big leaguer since 2013, and he hadn’t been credited with a win since 2012.  He was drafted by the Red Sox in 2006, made the roster in 2009, did well until developing control problems in 2012 (ERA >6 in 17 appearances), got sent back to the minors, was worse in 2013, and that was seemingly it for his career.  He had attempted comebacks in 2014, 2016, and 2017 without ever making it out of the low minors with the Rangers, Cardinals, and Mets organizations.  He decided to give it one last try this year…and here he is.  Good for him! (Having both a 99 MPH fastball and being able to find the plate does help one make a MLB roster.)

3 thoughts on “Bard Tallies 1st Win in 8 Years

  1. Not to be outdone in the feel-good department: the Indians’ Carlos Carrasco notched his first win in over a year, his first start of the year, after undergoing treatment for leukemia last year.

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  2. Thousands of parents are using this example of stick-to-it to instruct their children this weekend.

    I can mention children because the “children are terrible” poster has left the roster.

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    1. Yeah, well maybe he’ll also give it another try too after spending a year or two on family-ness brilliant eruditeness


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