Shane Bieber Sets a Record

Bieber mowed down 14 Royal batters over 6 innings without allowing any runs. That’s the new record for most K’s by a pitcher who simultaneously kept his opponent scoreless. The previous was a tie at 13 between Bob Gibson in 1967 (complete game shutout of the Giants) and Lou Warneke in 1934 for the Cubs vs the Reds.  Both of theirs were complete games.  Gibson, of course, had to shut down Willie Mays and Willie McCovey along with the rest of the Giants. Warneke got within two outs of an opening day no hitter.  I’d say both were more impressive than Bieber’s fear, but it was still pretty cool.  There have only been 4 other 14 strikeout games on opening day in baseball history.  Two were by Randy Johnson for the Mariners in 1993 and 1996 (vs the Blue Jays and White Sox, respectively).  One was by Don Drysdale of the Dodgers vs the Cubs in 1960.  The other is the record, 15, by the Washington Senators’ Camilo Pascual vs the Red Sox.  Pascual allowed one run, a solo homer by Ted Williams.  It was the beginning of Williams’ last season as a player, and it was the Senators’ last season before becoming the Minnesota Twins.

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