Questions For The New Dawn

At last the season starts tomorrow and the uncertainty of how it will go is wonderful. I don’t just mean how will it be effected by the Plague, but how will it being a 60 game season instead of a 162 game one, with only a handful of days off, effect how the games are played

Obviously there can be little patience for slow player starts when the season is essentially starting at what normally would be the start of the stretch run. How often can managers afford to ‘give the kid a chance’ in a close game.


Will this be the year of the pitcher? The hitters have had no exhibition games to establish their timing. What if many of them don’t find their timing until the middle of the season/

Or will the top starters be pitching a lesser percentage of their teams games because there are so few days off. In a normal year your one – two punch at the top of your rotation might pitch in a four man rotation for the first month or so and then in a five man rotation for most of the rest of the year, together starting between 50 and forty percent of your teams games if all goes well. What if they only start 33 percent of your games while taking part in a six man rotation the whole year because of the few days off?

Speaking of which will starter depth and bullpen depth be more important than having last years Cy Young runner up. Are managers using openers more to relieve the strain. Will managers opt to use their best relievers more often because of the increased importance of each game or less to relieve the strain?

Normally bad teams don’t know they’re bad until July. Which bad team will shoot out of the gates like last year’s Mariners and then shockingly (gloriously) ruin the Yankees post season?

How surreal will the staged crowd noises of fan less games get. Do you not doubt that at least some of the teams will be hilariously ridiculous? I’m looking forward to it.

Will the Gods be watching? You betcha! They started this whole thing

What do you wonder most about this wonderous year?


3 thoughts on “Questions For The New Dawn

  1. I’m home sick today. It doesn’t appear to be the plague. The highlight of my day will probably be laying on the couch, sipping a ginger ale, and watching pre-season scrimmages.


  2. I’m convinced the Angels are going to forget that they are an also-ran, break out fast, and then coast into the postseason. At which point anything can happen! Tomorrow is Where Your Team Jersey To Work Day, and TWO assholes who know my affiliation asked me if I’d be wearing Blue. Like I’d choose to go BLUE when the world is depressed! Tomorrow is Red Thursday in the OC!


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