Blue Jays Can’t Play in Toronto

The Blue Jays had permission from the city, the province, but ultimately not the Canadian national government.  The reasoning is, of course, not wanting to introduce more COVID-19 cases by relaxing travel rules for people coming from the USA.

Now they have to decide where to play.  Their spring training camp, in Dunedin, FL, would be perfect…except my home state of Florida is one of the hardest hit by the virus. Their AAA location in Buffalo might be a possibility.  The Jays have said they would have to upgrade some practice facilities/equipment and be creative with locker room arrangements, like converting some suites, to be able to maintain social distancing. They might have to resort to a plan D.

They open in Tampa, and their first home game is game 5…so they have a little over a week to get the situation resolved.

6 thoughts on “Blue Jays Can’t Play in Toronto

    1. What does a certain newspaper editor in the St. Louis area (unless I am mistaken) happen to think about this?


  1. Opening Day, and it is the Giants. Of all the teams I have reason (unreasonably, of course) to hate. It is the Giants who have the first female MLB coach. Congrats to the forward-thinking ownership, office, and field management. It’s pissing me off; you make it hard to hate you.

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  2. With the 10 team East, Central, an West alignments it makes most sense that the Jays should find another East team to share with so they don’t bring the plague to the Central.


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