Freddie Freeman Rejoins Braves

Freddie Freeman has been symptom free from the coronavirus infection for 9 days (his wife and aunt also had it and are recovering).  He’s had the requisite 2 negative tests, so he’s in camp with the Braves in Atlanta.   He hit a triple in his first intrasquad game, but isn’t sure if he’ll be ready to go for the start of the regular season next week.  Still, it’s good to hear he’ll get there eventually.

At one point his fever spiked to 104.5, and he was frightened for his life.

Social distancing….frequent hand washing/sanitizing…mask wearing…they’re important.  Protect yourself and the people you love.

One thought on “Freddie Freeman Rejoins Braves

  1. That is some scary stuff.

    But I don’t know how he can justify going back to baseball right now, given 1) that his immune system is very likely still recovering, and 2) MLB doesn’t require masks for everyone. It’s too early to tell if you can get COVID twice (I seem to remember something in this regard), but MLB isn’t enforcing masks for players or umpires…just certain coaches and staffers.

    This is dangerously stupid, because your average mask doesn’t protect against COVID–it helps shield OTHERS from getting it.

    I applaud Clint Frazier for wearing his mask even though he’s gotten blowback from teammates (which is just disgusting), but his mask won’t protect him at the plate (and elsewhere) where the HP umpire and the catcher likely won’t be wearing masks.

    Additionally, there are a metric ton of automatic things players have become accustomed to do over many years that they are suddenly expected to stop doing. Like spitting. I forget who it was, but one player said that spitting is as natural as breathing. Also, you just KNOW there are going to be players who don’t care or who forget themselves and high five or even hug after a great play.

    I don’t see how what MLB is doing is in any way responsible. Cuz if someone gets the virus they’ll likely bring it home to family. This has happened to a few players, including Freeman (though this was before the actual games started yesterday), who infected his aunt and someone else.


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