Norm Cash Bats with Piano Leg

Okay, that’s not the real headline of the July 15, 1973 California Angels’ 6-0 victory over the Detroit Tigers…but it’s my favorite part.  Nolan Ryan no-hit the Tigers that day and struck out 17 of them in the process.  That’s still the record for most Ks in a no hitter, tied by Max Scherzer in 2015.  Ryan and Scherzer each achieved the feat in their second no hitter of the season; only 4 other pitchers have had two in one year, and that includes Roy Halladay collecting #2 in the playoffs against the Reds in 2010.

Norm Cash in his last at bat that game really did come to the plate carrying a piano leg.  The home plate ump informed him he could not use it, and Cash replied “Why not? I’m not going to be able to hit him anyway!”

Ryan, of course, went on to hurl 5 more no hitters in his illustrious career, but I love me some Norm Cash…so he gets the headline and featured photo in this post.


Also, today is the anniversary of the foul poles having that two-foot screen on them.  NL prez Ford Frick ordered them in 1939 after a player and ump spat at each other during an argument over whether a ball was a homer or foul ball.  Grown men acting like spoiled children is not a new phenomenon.

One thought on “Norm Cash Bats with Piano Leg

  1. Maybe the piano leg was corked. He was so known for corking his bat this teammates decorated his locker with fishing lures.


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