Disco Demolition Night

It was the 1970’s.  Disco was a thing.  People hating disco was also a thing.  Mike Veeck of the Chicago White Sox had already had a Disco Night promotion in 1977. Then he thought having an anti-disco night would be a good idea.  The result of that brain child was Disco Demolition Night.  He was hoping 20K fans would come to Comiskey Park for the event on July 12, 1979.  Instead, 50K people showed up, mostly to watch disco records get blown up…more so than baseball between games of a double header between the White Sox and the Detroit Tigers.  Those in attendance did indeed get treated to exploding records.  There were two problems though: (1) The explosion damaged the field. (2) Spectators rushed the field, damaging it even more.  The second game of that double header got postponed, and the next day it was declared a forfeit win for the Tigers. That officially gave the Tigers a sweep since they won the first game 4-1.
These days, Mike Veeck co-owns 5 minor league teams with Bill Murray, including the independent St Paul Saints and the single-A Charleston RiverDogs.


2 thoughts on “Disco Demolition Night

  1. The co-conspirator of Disco Demolition Night was DJ Steve Dahl. Dahl started his radio career in Detroit at WABX and his high ratings drew the interest of a station in Chicago. His show didn’t do as well there and when the station transitioned to a disco format it fired Dahl. DDN was in part Dahl’s way of striking back at disco.

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