Signing Orf…..

I suppose I always figured this day would come, but it is what it is. With the contamination of the the last redoubt of genuine baseball by that rulebook lobotomy I call the Neanderthal hitter, my interest in the game runs out of steam. The formless round robin of lineups swinging from the brainstem simply doesn’t hold any fascination for me. It’s a dumbed down game for dumbed down fans.
Well, I’ve enjoyed the game for most of my decently long life, and I still have game videos of yore and my extensive baseball library to keep me occupied. I leave not in a huff but with a shrug, and the comforting knowledge basketball season will be along soon enough.
Take care, all. It’s been a slice.

8 thoughts on “Signing Orf…..

  1. I’m sorry to see you go, and I’m sorry you’ve lost your love of the game. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but I just can’t get behind the thought that the DH is “dumbed down game for dumbed down fans”. Honestly I find that quite insulting. I get it’s not your cup of tea, but to me that seems a bit of an overreaction. Personally I don’t enjoy watching someone who can’t even bat their weight walk up and pathetically stand at the plate pretending to be relevant. The game has changed a lot over the years. Most games are night games. Double headers are few and far bewtween. The hit and run is almost completely gone. So are stolen bases. No one bunts. No one situationaly hits anymore. Strikeouts are up because everyone swings for the fences. The double switch is abused more often than it actually matters. To me the DH can actually improve strategy because you don’t make the decision on when to pull the pitcher based on when he will hit next. You make it based on his performance. By the time you have to worry about a pitcher getting gassed he’s getting yanked because he’s up to bat. Sure it was a lot of fun when Bartolo Colon used to swing with his entire body and he helmet would fly off. But it also wasn’t a lot of fun watching him collect 25 hits over 299 career at bats. The addition of the DH has been a long time coming. Like it or not, but the game has changed, and will continue to change. It’s just part of the way of the world.

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  2. Rick, baseball for me is not about DH vs non DH, etc. etc, it’s about memories of my dad with his bleeding psoriasis hands playing bare handed catch with me, me using our one and only one affordable finely oiled Ted Williams glove. Bored and disgusted with tactical baseball, fine. Write and comment about whatever else, because baseball isn’t about its tactical ins and outs, It’s about family. Do not leave your family.

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  3. I like when pitchers hit, and feel they should actually be taught how and practice it. However, no one rule change will make me give up on baseball.

    What WOULD have irritated me to the point of departing—at least for a while—would have been this season not happening.

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  4. It seems a long time since I’ve read a recap of an astonishingly complex dinner plan. Or a trip tale of Scottish batsmen. Or a remembrance of seeing Dillon in Dodge City or Dylan in Greenwich. I hope it is only us you’re leaving and not the other parts of your eclectic, adventurous life.

    I certainly don’t always agree with you. I often don’t understand you. I for one will nonetheless miss you.

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