One Record That Cannot Fall in 2020

Okay, with a 60 game schedule, there are lots of them—most wins, most losses, etc.  Today, though, I don’t know why, I was wondering who had finished the most games behind in the final standings in modern baseball history.  It turns out, that record belongs to the Boston Braves in 1906–they were 66.5 games behind the NL pennant winning Chicago Cubs.  The AL record is 64.5 games…the St Louis Browns behind the New York Yankees in 1939. Sooooo….even if the Baltimore Orioles go 0-60 and the Yankees 60-0, their team and league record is safe.


One thought on “One Record That Cannot Fall in 2020

  1. We will see something different this year.

    The thing about postseason (any sport) is getting hot at the right time. Last year is one of many examples, and so is the Angels team of 2002. What separates baseball is that a poor team has no chance because such franchises don’t continue in the postseason.

    This year, we may see an unexpected (poor) team get hot, and carry it to the title, barring a midsummer slump. This year, an unexpected hot streaker just might be MVP. This year, teams don’t have time to let players work their way back from injury. There will be few or no meaningless games.


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