MLBPA Votes Down Proposed 60 Game Schedule

The voters, one union rep for each team and an 8 member subcommittee voted 33-8 to reject the owners’ proposal.  It was no surprise.

Now it’s the owner’ turn.  By the March agreement, Commissioner Manfred can set a schedule for the season.  Before it can be implemented, 3/4 of the owners have to agree to it.  By not agreeing to any schedule, 8 owners could thwart the entire season.

I’ve posted my views on the matter, so no need to repeat it now…except to point out I’ve repeatedly used the same featured image for the articles: money, because that is all this is about, and not even that much money in terms of the $10,000,000,000+/year business that is Major League Baseball.

8 thoughts on “MLBPA Votes Down Proposed 60 Game Schedule

    1. I’m pretty confident the Tiggers will set a franchise record for fewest losses in a season (currently 49), going 12 & 48 shouldn’t be impossible even for this group of ragamuffins.

      Despite the rising number of virus cases in FLA, reports say the Tiggers will use their Lakeland spring training facility, rather than Comerica Park, to get ready for the season so that they have more fields to practice on.

      To be honest, I’ll be very surprised if MLB completes this season. I expect a few players on each team to test positive at various points and eventually players will decide it isn’t worth the risk to continue.


      1. How could they not want to complete this so far incredible season?! As we now approach the two thirds point all teams are exactly tied.


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