Records: Most Triples

Even casual fans know the home run records and who Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, Hank Aaron, Mark McGwire, and Barry Bonds were/are.  Many would be able to cite the hits records of Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, and Ichiro Suzuki.
Far less common knowledge is who owns the doubles and especially triples records.

Unsurprisingly, the triples records are from the Deadball Era.

The most triples in a single season is 36 by Chief Wilson in 1912.  He played from 1908-1916 for the Pirates and Cardinals.  He never hit more than 14 in a season otherwise.
The career record is by Sam Crawford with 309. In his HoF career, he played for the Reds (1899-1903) and Tigers (1904-1917).  He led his league in triples 6 times, so he was no flash in the pan.  He also led his league in homers twice (16 for the Reds and ahem 7 for the Tigers in 1908).

For comparison, the MLB league for triples last year was 10, by four players.

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  1. Crawford had 2,961 career hits and a .309 career batting average in addition to the career triples record, but despite that success he wasn’t elected to the Hall of Fame until 1957, 40 years after his MLB career ended. Although they weren’t friendly as teammates, Crawford was finally elected by the veterans committee in great part due to many letters written by Ty Cobb supporting his case.

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