David Price’s Act of Generosity

The Oakland A’s have notified their minor leaguers there will be no more $400/month stipend after this month.  That’s $80,000 a month the A’s owner does not want to spend.  The lack of generosity is astounding.

Other teams have committed to continuing the stipend for now, including the Dodgers. $400/month/player is a drop in the bucket to the owners and nothing close to a livable wage, but it’s something.

David Price has trumped them.  He’s pledged to give every Dodgers minor leaguer $1,000 out of his own pocket next month.  $200,000 from someone less wealthy, who owes nothing legally or morally.

It’s a standing ovation from me to David Price.

5 thoughts on “David Price’s Act of Generosity

  1. It is worthy of a standing ovation. It is also IMHO a wakeup call to the owner/player negotiators that the current situation is unprecedented. Thus, seeking to take advantage of each other at the present time is precisely the wrong thing to do. Come to an agreement and then concentrate efforts on playing some games!

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  2. just posted this in the comment section of the Star Tribune to which I have a digital subscription. I needed a little music tonight and thought so might some of you


  3. The Nats organization and their major league players have followed suit, sort of.

    The Nats announced that they were cutting the stipend from $400/week to $300 (along with flat out cutting 30 minor leaguers), and Sean Doolittle then announced that the major leaguers were going to make up the difference.


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