Brent Honeywell Can’t Catch a Break

Don’t know who Brent Honeywell is?  Well, he’s a minor league pitcher in the Rays’ farm system. In 2017, split between AA Montgomery and AAA Durham, he made 24 starts, 134 innings pitched, with 172 Ks and a 3.49 ERA.  Impressive.  He was all set to make the leap to the big club.  Then in March 2018, he ruptured his right UCL in spring training and had to have Tommy John surgery.  (His absence is part of why the Rays resorted to bullpenning and the use of openers in 2018.) He was back and ready to go in 2019…and fractured the right elbow, necessitating more surgery. Now it’s 2020, and he’s had scar tissue build up around the ulnar nerve, no surprise, but it requires a decompression procedure.  I’ve heard no timetable for recovery/potential return to the diamond.  Best of luck to him…he’s overdue for some.

3 thoughts on “Brent Honeywell Can’t Catch a Break

  1. Good work as always RaysFan! Thanks for keeping us awake.

    In a change of subject, I just went to youtube a few minutes ago. Not following a link, I got several choices based on past watches: communitychannel from years ago; Star Trek redshirt deaths ranked; A Closer Look from Seth Myers’ Late Show; B-52’s Private Idaho; StarCraft timeline; Top Ten Kurt Russel performances; Jelle’s Marble Runs (you NEED to see this); and Ted Williams Old Timers Game. Ted made three outs: a popup, grounder to first, and fly out. The most amazing thing, though: pitchers pitching! No endless pondering of the human condition at the mound. No contemplation of the ball as it is rotated again and again and again in the pitching hand. Just a simple catch of the throwback, and here we go! The sound was horrible but it was entertaining nonetheless.


  2. If I were that kid, I’d pack it in and spend my afternoons racing Brightline trains across the grade crossings,.


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