WBC Cancellation Expected

Reports came out today indicating next year’s World Baseball Classic is expected to be axed.  I did not see a reason other unnamed sources stating it isn’t “a priority” currently.  Personally, I read “we’re too busy trying to put on a season at all” to worry about a tournament 10 months from now.  The desire of some participants is also likely diminished by the Olympics, and its baseball tournament, already postponed until next summer.  What would be the point of two international tournaments in one year?  I’m very sure there are about 30 MLB managers who will be happy not having their players risking injury for not-their-team.  It might get rescheduled to 2023.  We’ll see.

One thought on “WBC Cancellation Expected

  1. The latest information I’ve seen is 2023 at the earliest, and possibly 2025. Macondo is especially sensitive to this issue because Macondo Banana Massacre Field was supposed to host games at all three levels of the tournament, especially with Latin American teams involved. The estimate of net revenue loss I read was $6 million, which, when you consider how deep in the bottom of the bucket our illustrious local franchise resides, is a huge blow. Add to that the way Beep Beep and company shot themselves in the foot by turning down a hefty increase in their picayune broadcast contract renewal a few months ago – a figure they won’t see again in this broadcasting cycle – and those of us down here in the land of magicosurrealismo can kiss any impressive free agent signings taa-taa for the foreseeable future.

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