Great Moments In Ya Done Screwed Up History

With my current mental health break from Twitter, it’s a lot more difficult for me to be plugged into the news and gossip that I normally see. Since I follow so many players, former players, writers, and baseball thinkers, I generally have a world of content to consider and play with, but not right now. As a result, I’m a bit behind on everything even though I try to keep up on Reddit.

It’s on Reddit where I discovered that ESPN published The Noted Drone Enthusiast, Trevor Bauer’s, personal cell phone number.

Now, of course, it was accidentally – The NDE had FaceTimed a couple of ESPN folks on air. The robot or underpaid intern running the graphics did not notice that his phone number was out there for the whole world to see.

Bauer, being the troll he is, made it a game:

He must have underestimated how many thirsty people and fellow trolls there are out there in the baseball fandom because his voicemail instantly frozen up and by that afternoon, the published number was no longer in service.

No, I did not try calling him. The Drone Enthusiast is not my type. If I were going to creep on a current major league player it would definitely not be him.


5 thoughts on “Great Moments In Ya Done Screwed Up History

  1. That was seen by everyone watching the early Sunday AM KBO game. I immediately had no doubt that number was soon to be discontinued. Hope whoever enjoys the cleats and ball.

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      1. see, that’s what happens when you let a wild drone bite you. You turn into a douchey Spiderman analogue. Droney-Man.


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