ESPN to Televise KBO Games

South Korea’s Korean Baseball Organization begins its regular season tomorrow.  ESPN has contracted to show games six days week.  They will be sans fans in the stands, so no cheerleaders and singing all game long.  Nobody there gets mad about bat flips, so no fracases over that. However, if a pitcher plunks a batter, he’d best tip his cap in apology.  Anyway, there will be baseball to watch.

6 thoughts on “ESPN to Televise KBO Games

  1. Check SBNation’s James Dator! He’s chosen the NC Dinos as his team and for good reason, Prof and all lovers of mascots! The dino wandering the stadium; doing the “wash your hands” to the tune of Baby Shark with human assistance; and greatest of all the break dancing costumed characters, it’s all about the dinos. We’ll need to find out if the Dinos (team) lives up to the promise of the Dinos (mascots) but it’s about the journey, after all.

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  2. Have you watched any of these games? Sheesus, the announcing is dull. Can’t we get someone interested to announce???


    1. What? You don’t like ad nauseam discussion of how early it is/how much coffee they’re consuming?

      Thing is, since ESPN isn’t in control of the video feed, the announcers are literally only seeing the same thing we are, and at the same time…thus they tell us nothing about the play we don’t already know. They really need to spend more time telling us more about the teams and players and maybe less telling us that the player on first advanced to third on a double. I don’t expect Vin Scully, but they should be working to make us interested in the contests…which doesn’t work well if they don’t seem interested themselves.


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