Red Sox Receive Light Tap on the Wrist

I can’t even call it a slap on the wrist.  MLB has finally announced its decision on the Red Sox’ use of technology to steal signs:  loss of their second round draft pick this year and replay system operator JT Watkins is suspended for a year without pay.  That’s it.

There was no penalty for 2018 being the second time they’d been involved in such shenanigans.  There was no fine.  There was no added punishment for Cora, with Manfred indicating he was unaware of the scheme in Boston.  Nobody except Watkins was punished. The report even went so far as to say the Red Sox’ situation did not have the depth or pervasiveness of the Astros’ scandal and that most players were unaware of Mr Watkins’ doings.

I will let you decide if you buy all that.  Meanwhile, MLB is officially saying “Nothing to see here, move along.”

9 thoughts on “Red Sox Receive Light Tap on the Wrist

  1. Barely a bite on the tushy.

    Meanwhile the Beanbags announced they were going make Ron Roenicke their permanent manager after all.

    Why do I find that so hilarious?


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