Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez Looking Into BuyingMets

A report in the NY Post indicates A-Rod and J-Lo have retained JP Morgan to put together a bid for the team. Together they are worth about $700M…very rich, but not enough to buy the team outright.  In the current market, it seems like it’d be difficult to get to the $2.6B that Steve Cohen had previously offered for 80% of the team. Reminder: he pulled the offer when the Wilpons insisted upon a clause that would have left them in control of the team for five years…as if anyone would ever buy anything and then not be in charge of its use. Ultimately, the team is supposed to be sold via auction…without the poison pill rider the Wilpons used on Cohen.  Cohen, still owning 8% of the Mets, could also put in a bid.  The timing of the auction was not mentioned in the Post article.

6 thoughts on “Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez Looking Into BuyingMets

  1. Then again I wonder if the Old Ones would approve of A-Roid as an owner given his deservedly stained reputation. I doubt if this bid will have legs – even if she sure does.


  2. I wonder if A-Roid wants to compete with Beep-Beep to see who can mismanage a team into the ground first. Of course, Beep-Beep has a head start and years of Loria mismanagement as a template.


    1. Every article I found last night did mention Jeter too. Now, as far as bad management templates go, I think most Mutts fans would say the Wilpons make for a “good” bad example too.


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