Josh Hamilton Indicted

Josh Hamilton has been indicted and will face trial on felony charges of injuring a child.  Specifically, he was arrested last September for beating his 14-year-old daughter, both with open hands and fists. It’s also alleged he said some really ugly things no father should ever say to his daughter.  If true, I hope he’s convicted and serves every bit of the 2-10 years the DA is seeking.

The report indicates the daughter said something wrong, something that infuriated Hamilton.  A teenager being infuriating to a parent is about as rare as dirt, but decent people remember they were once obnoxious teenagers too and would never raise a hand to injure their offspring.  Whatever one may feel about corporal punishment, an adult male punching a teenage girl is far beyond that.

I’ve been accused of being a Hamilton apologist in the past.  That is because I decline to condemn an addict for being an addict.  They don’t become one on purpose.  They don’t know that the wrong thing they do will ensnare them and become uncontrollable when they see others get drunk or high and not get addicted.  I also don’t think that someone working hard to stay sober should have their addiction thrown in their face constantly…such as: it’s impossible to find any article about Hamilton that doesn’t mention cocaine and alcohol addiction.  That includes the articles about the indictment that I read today even though not one indicated he was drunk or high when he allegedly assaulted his own daughter.

However, while I can be empathetic toward a recovering addict, I have zero use for an abuser.  I also feel those who commit nonviolent crimes should generally face punishments other than incarceration and feel the opposite for the violent criminal.  If Hamilton is guilty of battering his daughter, then he’s a violent criminal and should be locked up.

End of rant.

6 thoughts on “Josh Hamilton Indicted

  1. It’s not a rant. People bent over backwards to take care of Josh Hamilton – his teammates, especially on the Rangers, were very protective of him and as supportive as you could be of a recidivist. His wife, too, stuck by him as long as she could, until his reversions to substance abuse and revelations of his adulteries became too much for her, too. He’s gotten benefits of the doubt you wouldn’t get from a Biblical saint. The one caveat was the way Arte Moreno, the archetypal lowlife in an overpriced suit, publicly attacked him during one of his down periods – but then, Moreno is what he is. Not pretty. Of course none of this is any excuse for beating up and cursing out your kids. Fortunately, their mother got an order of protection against him as soon as that episode occurred. He won’t get near her again and it’s a good bet she won’t go near him either.

    Regardless, it’s time to appreciate that Hamilton didn’t become an asshole because of his struggle with addiction, but, more likely, became an addict because he was an asshole. I hope he enjoys stamping license plates.

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  2. You know I have sympathy for those in recovery. It’s a heavy burden. That said, child abuse is intolerable. My extended family has experience with this, and I know well what the damage can be. I’m also fully aware how incidents like this affect young people, and how it crushes daughterswho are innocent victims in all of this, it’s just fucking heartbreaking In a time when baseball would be a balm for me. Dammit. I’m really beside myself about this.

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  3. Kind of disgusting that it’s snowing here right now but at least the Twins just took game one from the Braves. Good thing we got that dome.


  4. I had not seen the Hamilton story. Recovering myself since 1995 I had a lot of sympathy for Hamilton although the decision to sign hin and Pujols was Moreno’s folly. This news is beyond the pale. It shocks me that any parent can be so hideous to their own offspring. Lock him up.

    That said, the reason I came to the site today was to remember Mark Fidrych, who died April 13, 2009. He got widespread attention for the physical antics and for talking to himself but he was a great pitcher until injuries took him down.

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  5. Hambone – and I know that’s an affectionate nickname, but I’ve been calling him that for years and it’s hard to stop a habit – was once a light to people. But Gator is right here; he’s made choices outside of being an addict. My dad is an addict, I know what the difference is between being an ass and being addicted to something. Looks like Hambone and my dad are two peas in a pod and if that’s the case, my heart goes out to his daughter. Because I know what it’s like.


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