April 8, 1974: Hammerin’ Hank!

This is the 46th anniversary Of Henry Aaron’s 715th home run.  It was a majestic shot to left center.  Braces reliever Tom House fielded it behind the wall—he ran it in to home to give to Aaron.  Tim Kurkjian of ESPN relates that when House got there, tears of relief and joy were streaming down Aaron’s face.  Many will also remember the two fans who ran onto the field and patted him on the back as Aaron made his way around the bases—neither got face-planted or arrested as they certainly would nowadays.


4 thoughts on “April 8, 1974: Hammerin’ Hank!

  1. I remember reading somewhere that Aaron was terrified by those two fans; he’d endured so much hatred in his chase for the record, including death threats, that he wasn’t sure that they weren’t there to do him harm.


    1. It would have been odd if that didn’t make him at least a little nervous even without the racist hate mail he had been receiving.


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