Faux-pening Day

A quick note to our friends and family here. I’m of course wearing a Maddux jersey today even as I work from home.

Have cried twice because it’s opening day and I feel lost without baseball.

It’s the loss that gets me. The loss of my lifeline, but the loss of normalcy. Are you feeling the way I do?

But putting this jersey on made me feel a little better. Wearing my trusty Braves cap made it better, too.

Until we can get together again and root root root for the home team, let’s root at home, for the whole team.

Raise a glass, eat a hot dog (I won’t do any of those things, I don’t drink and I hate hot dogs lol), and wear something festive.

It’s Opening Day, dammit.


6 thoughts on “Faux-pening Day

  1. Minnesota begins a shelter in place type thing midnight tomorrow. All but one of our day care kids stopped coming here a week or two ago and this morning the parents of last remaining one called to let us know that they wouldn’t be bringing her because mom is pretty sick, but hopefully it’s just a cold.

    But I’m excited. The Twins opener starts in fifteen minutes. They’ll be throwing Berrios against them dern dirty Injuns.

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  2. Got takeout from my favorite neighborhood restaurant. Spoke briefly with one of the owners. There was fear in her eyes. They have a bakery across the street which may help cushion this blow, but I don’t know many businesses that have a few extra months’ reserve to ride this out. This is entirely apart from the biological angle of course.

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    1. It’s really scary. I’m on work reduction right now. They suspended 401k match on Tuesday indefinitely. It’s only a matter of time before they cut more hours.


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