Chris Sale to Undergo TJS

Apparently the platelet rich plasma injections did not work.  The date for the surgery was not announced, but was described as “soon.”  Meanwhile, with him out for the entire season…whatever season there ends up being…and David Price now being a Dodger, the Red Sox’ rotation is a hot mess.

How bad? Of the 5 likely starters currently on the roster, the one with the lowest ERA is Collin McHugh at 4.70 over 35 games/74.2 IP…over course he’s coming back from his own elbow surgery and isn’t fully rehabbed yet. Nathan Eovaldi hasn’t made more than 21 starts since 2015—counting on him to be an anchor to a rotation is a big gamble.  Last year he had a 5.99 ERA over 23 games (12 starts) and 67.2 IP.  Ryan Weber had a 5.08 ERA in 18 big league appearances over 40.2 IP…his 2.85 ERA in 360.1 AAA IP does show some upside though. Then there’s Martin Perez’ 5.12 ERA over 32 games/165.1 IP.  Some sources indicate Brad Johnson will be the 5th starter; last year he had a 6.02 ERA in 21 games/40.1 IP.  If so, and he duplicates that, expect a lot of bullpen games.

3 thoughts on “Chris Sale to Undergo TJS

  1. I don’t pay much attention to the designatedhitterball league, of course, nor to the Beanbags in particular, but it seems to be the general gossip that Sale is one of the least likable characters in the game. If so, I don’t suppose there are going to be a lot of tears shed over this.


    1. No idea what sort of person he is, but between losing Betts and the tire fire that is the Sawx’ rotation, I expect there are Sawx fans filled with angst.


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