Advocates for Minor Leaguers

Advocates for Minor Leaguers is a group whose founding was announced yesterday. Founding members include the lawyer who founded the class action suit against MLB over minor leaguers’ low pay.  They’ve demanded doubling minor leaguer salaries, something I certainly back, even with the previously announced pay raises for this coming year.

With the Coronavirus pandemic putting everyone in limbo, one thing that occurred to a lot of fans is the plight of the minor leaguers.  MLB stated the players would receive the per diem through Apr 8.  Of course, The MiLB season starts Apr 9, players don’t actually get paid their salaries until the season starts, and there’s zero word on paying them. Certainly the MLB owners can afford paying these guys, and should.  I’d also suggest keeping the camps open to allow any minor league player who needs a place to stay to have one, and feed them.  The pandemic won’t last forever, and it’d be wise to try to keep the players healthy and in shape.

Anyway, the new advocacy group (not a union, but players can join for free and anonymously) will have a web site, Instagram and Twitter accounts.  Best of luck to them; I’ll be cheering them on.

5 thoughts on “Advocates for Minor Leaguers

  1. If I were Gerrit Cole I might think about taking a percent or two of my thirty million something salary and use it to increase the pay of the non Yankee AA / AAA hitting prospects in the AL East by a thousand bucks a month. When those guys get to the majors and face me maybe they remember.

    Off topic but I just saw on that all 2018 and 2019 games are available for free streaming. I think I might start taking advantage of that next Thursday by watching the Twins 2019 opener and then continuing to take advantage of that watching one per evening in the order that they were played. And doing that mostly not remembering how that particular game turned out. What will it be tonight, one of their 101 wins or 61 losses?

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  2. Hey guys, have you heard about Adopt a Minor Leaguer? It’s active on Twitter and they just launched a Facebook account. It’s exactly what you think it is – MiLB guys who aren’t getting paid, or even worse, are in quarantine, are being “adopted” by people or groups to get care packages every month.

    It’s only like 100 or 125/monthly and if I had the extra money to spare at the moment, I’d be doing it for sure.

    These boys need our help now more than ever.


    1. From what I surmise from your previous posts, you are on the front lines of our generations’ Pearl Harbor response.

      What do you need?

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