18 thoughts on “Yet More Coronavirus, and After That, More Coronavirus Yet.

  1. I made the mistake of going to Costco last week on the wife’s orders to pick up potting soil. We were completely unaware of this hysteria until then. JFC folks. Try to behave like adults.

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  2. I ordered a new laptop last month — ye olde model has been on the fritzenhammer for quite a bit — and OF COURSE it got quarantined in China. It finally sneaked across to Sarah Palin’s backyard and now I have a shiny new toy. If only I was stuck at home to fiddle around with the personalizations and whatnot…


  3. I’ve been working from home for going on ten years now, and I’m a Generation X latchkey kid, so in some respects I’m among the most prepared for this (hopefully temporary) glitch in our normal.

    But I don’t feel prepared; I feel knocked off my axis, at least a bubble off level. My wife and kids are here and all healthy, and we haven’t yet gotten on each other’s nerves. I’m trying to cope by binge-watching anything but the news, sleeping more, and taking frequent walks with the old dog around the neighborhood to try to reset myself mentally.

    It’s hard, yo. Be kind to everyone.

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  4. I’m now working from home but I don’t like it… too many distractions, as all the kids are also home right now with no classes this week at our local university. The ironic part is that on a normal day, there are fewer people in my office than there are in my house.


    1. I’m working from home now as well. The tragic irony is that I could now watch spring training games while working, and there is no spring training. Stuck at home and no baseball.


  5. I still have to go to the office every day. Our IT manager is a security Nazi and limits what systems are accessible outside the building. I can’t access my e-mail or our ERP system remotely so here I sit in a Petri dish. I saw this morning that French automakers are shutting down their manufacturing facilities. If GM, Ford, Fiat/Chrysler, & Toyota start doing the same here then I may not be working from anywhere. No need to buy raw materials if we aren’t shipping parts.

    On the bright side, my commute to & from work is much less crowded. If the Gubbermint had any common sense, this would be an ideal time to fix the damn roads (to steal our Gubbenor’s campaign slogan).


    1. I do. There’s a local Tigger-focused blog that I follow and they have forever been ripping on the Tiggers medical and training staffs for the list of injuries that Verlander, Cabrera, and others have had. I always discounted their tirades because so many players have independent personal trainers that they work with in the off season. But evidently these genius writers know more than I do, I never would have imagined Verlander suddenly having groin and lat issues 2 1/2 years after the Tiggers traded him.


  6. And now Chris Sale needs TJS. I must endeavour to dig deep within myself to find a shred of empathy for all those long-suffering Red Sawks fans, but I find that I cannot.

    I must have used up all said empathy for the poor put-upon Borg fans when it was announced that Luis Severino would need TJS.



      1. Almost 39 years in the dim past, when I was a new recruit undergoing basic training in the Air Force, we had a crusty old drill sergeant once tell us where we could find sympathy… “Don’t come to me for sympathy” he growled, “If you maggots are looking for sympathy, it’s in the dictionary… between shit and syphilis.”

        So any Borg fans looking for sympathy… you now know where to find it.


  7. This morning I woke up at 6 to be at Publix for duffer hour. There was already a long line when I got there, distended by the maintenance of plague spacing (about five feet) between the folks on line. I don’t know why it reminded me of The Human Centipede. I’m probably just impressionable.


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