Luis Severino Needs TJS

I always hate hearing that one of the best pitchers in baseball needs Tommy John Surgery.  However, that’s the word today for the Yankees’ Luis Severino.  He’s now going to miss the entire season of course.  The Yankees have the depth to absorb the loss and still be odds on favorite to take the AL East title again.

4 thoughts on “Luis Severino Needs TJS

  1. The future of the alpha quadrant is in doubt. Species 8472 is on the march. It seems they have acquired a taste for lutefisk.


    1. As a fan of yet another AL East team, their struggles due not bother me…but setting a record for most players hitting the IL last year and still beating out my fav team for the division crown was really galling.


  2. Rumor has it the Borg are sniffing around the Feesh’s rotation and recently stocked farm system with the aid of the Macondo nine’s fifth column Borg ownership.

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