Minor Leaguers Get Pay Raise

This past week it was announced that the base pay for minor leaguers would increase.  Rookie ball would go from $290/week to $400.  A ball from $290/week  to $500.  AA from $360/week to $600. AAA from $500/week to $700.  That’s good, but… it still needs to be remembered the minor leaguers are only paid once the games count.  There is no pay for spring training or off season conditioning.  That means the minor leaguers will make $8-14k over 20 weeks.  It’s better, but if the player didn’t get a good sized bonus, then it’s not enough to live on still.

Congress has already stated the minor leagues are exempt from minimum wage. If they are to get a living wage playing minor league ball, the MLBPA would have to take up their cause or the minor leaguers themselves must organize.  The MLBPA has repeatedly ignored the interests of minor leaguers, so relief is not coming from that quarter.  The minor leaguers themselves have not shown a readiness to unionize, either.  Thus, I’ll just tip the cap at a step in a better direction.

Following this, MiLB made the totally correct statement that MLB (MLB pays the minor leaguer salaries) can easily afford paying the raises without cutting the number of minor league teams.

One thought on “Minor Leaguers Get Pay Raise

  1. It’s an improvement. From AA up these are livable wages. As Wallis Stevens once said of working for the Hartford Insurance Company, there is always enough; there is never too much.


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