Pitchers and Catchers Report This Week

Spring is coming, and the latest sign is players migrating to Florida and Arizona. Yet, there are number of offseason storylines still ongoing.

Only former Astros have apologized/expressed remorse for the sign-stealing scandal (AJ Hinch, Dallas Keuchel, Charlie Morton).

The Red Sox still do not know their fate for their sign-stealing scheme.

Related, the Red Sox do not have a manager.

Nolan Arenado is unhappy, and the Colorado Rockies have considered trading him.

Kris Bryant is still a Cub but still apparently on the trading block. It’s rumored one of the teams with whom they’ve talked is the Rockies.

Spring is coming…whether some teams are ready for it or not.

3 thoughts on “Pitchers and Catchers Report This Week

  1. It’s my guess that MLB has been holding back the Red Sox punishment until after they finalize the Mookie Betts trade, which if you ask me is complete and udder bs, but it’s the only reasoning that makes any sense. Let the Sox finish their trades, then offer up a front office suspension.


    1. Could be, but in a way that seems an added (small) punishment. I’m sure the BoSox would have rather have a field manager settled and in place before spring training starts. Whoever the new guy is, he’s almost obligated to go with the current coaching staff for the most part—it wouldn’t be at all surprising if they just promoted from within at this point.
      I’m not real sure why MLB would wait for the Betts trade though. The architect is Chaim Bloom, and he’s certainly not getting punished because he was with the Rays in 2018, not the Sox. John Henry isn’t getting anything worse than the $5M fine Jim Crane got—that’s the most Manfred can fine an owner under MLB bylaws. Unless he gets suspended, I don’t see the point of waiting, except to make them twist in the wind a little.


    2. I think they are waiting to make sure their candidate is not in the report to announce him. And that’s probably been delayed while MLB covers its ass from the Wall Street Journal story last week.


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