Dodgers Trade for Betts, Price, and MORE!

We have some late breaking news for you all in one of the biggest MLB trades in recent history.  It seems the Dodgers, Red Sox, and Twins were involved in a massive three team deal.  The deal breaks down as such:

  • Dodgers get: Mookie Betts, David Price, Cash from Boston
  • Minnesota gets: Kenya Maeda
  • Boston gets: Alex Verdugo, Brusdar Graterol
  • Additionally, the Dodgers traded Joc Pederson to the Angels for Luis Rengifo.

Rumors have been circlying around Betts for some time now, and it looks like Boston finally pulled the trigger.  This is the first I’m personally hearing Price’s name.  MLB Trade Rumors has the break down here.

The Dodgers, meanwhile, will land perhaps the greatest consolation prize in history. After missing out on top target Gerrit Cole earlier this winter, they’ve now acquired one of the game’s best all-around players in Betts in addition to a high-profile starter who can still contribute to their rotation — even if his halcyon days are in the past.

It’ll cost Los Angeles a hefty five years of control over Verdugo and four more years of the talented Maeda, and there’s another major ripple effect, as the Dodgers have reportedly struck a separate trade sending outfielder Joc Pederson to the Angels in exchange for young infielder Luis Rengifo. Between the cash the Red Sox are sending to cover some of Price’s contract, the subtraction of Maeda and now the subtraction of Pederson’s final arbitration salary, it seems likely that the Dodgers will have managed to stay beneath the luxury tax threshold.

In order to make room for Betts, LA had to part ways with Pederson.

To at least some extent, the Dodgers will miss the 27-year-old Pederson, who has been an easily above-average hitter since his first full season in 2015. Pederson’s now coming off a typically productive showing in 2019, when he slashed .249/.339/.538 with 3.0 fWAR and a a career-high 36 home runs in 514 plate appearances. If there’s one major knock on Pederson’s offense, it’s that the left-hander has struggled versus southpaws, who have held him to an awful .188/.263/.310 line during his time in the bigs.

As I sit here and type this, it’s currently upper 50’s in February, and the stove simply cannot be any hotter!  Unfortunately I have to run, but I will update the post with any additional information as it arrives tomorrow.  If any of our other writers are around, please feel fee to update/edit as necessary.  The deal is not officially announced, so the exact terms are still subject to change.

9 thoughts on “Dodgers Trade for Betts, Price, and MORE!

  1. Meanwhile, where I’m sitting it’s below freezing, and this area is about to be hit by a blizzard. I’m cold and need something to pass the time until pitchers and catchers report. This will do nicely, thanks!

    The Red Sox’ owner gets what he wanted—under the tax threshold. Chaim Bloom will get skewered in the media over the next few years unless Alex Verdugo is the next coming of Ted Williams. However, John Henry’s mandate was already in place when Bloom was hired: sign Betts to a long term deal or trade him. Betts has been clear he planned to at least test the free agent market next year, so he’s been traded. Shedding Price’s contract with it was about the best that Boston was going to do.

    Betts is a big upgrade over Joc Pederson of course, but Pederson in turn makes the Angels better.

    Price and Maeda generally appear to have been about equal last year…but looking at park adjusted stats, Price was actually a little better. Still, Maeda is an above average starter, so good get for the Twins too.

    Right now, Dodgers, Angels, Twins, Yankees, and Rays fans are all happy…and I’m guessing Red Sox fans are very not.


      1. And Buddha knows how amused an O’s fan needs to be these days. But don’t worry: rebuild is coming, and you should be back in contention by about the same time they finish cleaning orf the facades at Borabudur.


    1. We all know how Bonds managed that, but Trout manages it through his keen knowledge of atmospheric pressure, dew points, density altitude and the carbon cycle.


  2. These last three days have been among the most yuckest in our country’s history – almost making me want to cross the border north of here and get too stoned to find my way back. But seeing this this morning greatly allays that.

    The Twins fill out their rotation by taking advantage of a Red Sox salary dump!!! Time to report to Delusional Thinking Spring Training Camp.

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