Astros Get Their New GM

It’s James Click, who had been the Rays’ Executive VP of Baseball Ops since 2017.  For those keeping track, the Dodgers, Red Sox, Giants and Astros are now all run by X-Ray front office personnel.  You can throw in X-Rays as managers for the Nationals, Angels, Twins, and Giants too.

The Rays are engulfing the league like an amoeba.

4 thoughts on “Astros Get Their New GM

  1. The X-Rays would be a great name for a new team. Of course they would have to arrange getting the Albuquerque Isotopes as their minor league affiliate.

    We didn’t have a post on it, but I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Curtis Granderson’s retirement announcement. Excellent player and an even better human. Baseball needs more guys like him.

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    1. Last year someone on another site suggested “X-Rays” as a new team name if the Rays ever move out of FL. It amused me, and I’ve used the term ever since.

      I totally agree about Granderson. Hope he stays in baseball in some capacity, but wish him a long and happy life in whatever he chooses to pursue.


    1. Originally I was thinking it’s come pretty quickly, thinking MLB would want “rip the bandage off” and get the PR mess over with. Now I’m thinking they’re hoping short attention spans will enable them to neglect to announce one except as some short, end of workday on Friday press release the way they do for PED punishments.


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