Astros Hire Dusty Baker

The Astros have hired Dusty Baker as their manager.  It’s a move reminiscent of the Dodgers hiring Burt Shotton when Leo Durocher got suspended for the 1947 season for offending Happy Chandler’s moral sensibilities. That is, they’ve hired a respected lifetime baseball man, partly because that’s what they need for their team and partly because it’s an excellent PR move.  Like Shotton’s deal, it’s also short term…one year plus a team option year.

Some tidbits:  If the Astros make the playoffs, Baker will have led 5 teams to the postseason.  Nobody’s ever done that before.  If he does manage two years, he will almost certainly reach 2000 years. He’s just the third 70+ years old hired as a manager, following Casey Stengel and Jack McKeon.

6 thoughts on “Astros Hire Dusty Baker

  1. Baker was among Dodger team members (back in the dim drunken years when I was still a Dodgers fan. He was one of the four Dodgers who hit 30 HR in the same season, setting a record. He also is credited by no less an authority than Wikipedia (that’s me being sarcastic) as helping invent the High Five with Glenn Burke (Burke is considered the first gay MLB player to come out while active).

    As a manager, Baker is in my opinion a Tommy Lasorda clone, using up players, particularly pitchers, with reckless abandon and disregard for a player’s health and future. I can’t think of a more fitting team than the Astros, who seem to keep hiring and firing the most excremental front office staff, for Baker to associate with.


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