It Just Keeps On Going

A new day a new scandal.  Before we can even sit back and fully consume the results of the Mets firing a manager that hasn’t even managed a single game, and the Red Sox firing a manager before his official punishment even lands, we now have new allegations being levied back where it all started.

With Beltran’s termination, a person claiming to be Beltran’s niece is on Twitter and this person is blowing up everyone’s spot.  They first made the claim that several members of the Astros were wearing buzzer devices, in a very clear violation of the rules.  They also claims they has proof.  Dallas Braden, a former pitcher’s been posting screen grabs of the now private account.

That led people to recall the most recent ALCS championship when Altuve was so oddly adamant that no one rip off his jersey.  At the time he claimed he was shy and he didn’t want to upset his wife.

Here is video of Altuve immediately running into the locker room after that historic homer.  And here is a close up shot of Altuve’s shoulder in which some sort of device appears to exist.

So, this could all end up getting brushed aside.  MLB certainly has made it clear they don’t wish to investigate this matter further and are just hoping it all goes away quickly and quietly.  They have apparently decided that the players are not responsible for their actions, their supervisors are.  But this is a story that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.  The LA City Council has already made up their minds.  They want the title to be awarded to them.

Of course, they may not want to step too quickly.  Other teams are starting to see rumors to have their own organized electronic sign sealing programs, including but not limited to: The Yankees, Dodgers, Diamondbacks, Indians, Rangers, Cubs, Blue Jays, and Nationals.  Hell at this point is there anyone who ISN’T stealing signs?  Well, other than the Orioles, the Tigers, and the Marlins, because clearly if they are stealing, they are so terrible at it, it’s not even a problem.

So exactly how wide spread exactly has this sign stealing epidemic spread?  Are any of the above allegations even valid?  With all the news and allegations launching so quickly I would offer a word of caution.  Before you start pointing any fingers, better make sure that your team is on the up and up before hand.  And in the mean time, let’s all sit back and enjoy all the juicy, juicy drama that’s unfolding.


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8 thoughts on “It Just Keeps On Going

  1. Technology is our master. I can imagine how baseball nut Stephen King would handle this – a buzzer from hell, taking over the souls of a baseball team. A buzzer that kills if you ignore it. And so forth….

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  2. MLB wants no part of this. They’ve already released a statement that they already investigated use of buzzers and other electronic signaling devices up to and including this season and found 0no evidence” of it.


  3. Electronic buzzers? Banging on a garbage can is so much more baseball-y, or better yet smoke signals from the bullpen.


      1. The Indians can use the drum they have in center field and the Braves can have a guy wearing an easily viewable headdress in center field signaling one tomahawk chop – fastball two – changeup three – breaking ball. Your guys should consider one tiger roar – fastball …


  4. If the owner of the Astros is really as angry about this as he is reported to be he should voluntarily return the 2018 world series trophy to the league so it can be placed in a newly founded hall of shame. And then Rose could finally get his plaque.


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