9 thoughts on “Since MLB Won’t Do It, We Will

  1. In the spring of 2013 I was managing my son’s team in his last year of Little League. Every team in the “Majors” age group was given a major league team name. Being the longest tenured manager in the league I was given first choice of team name. I chose the Astros because I liked the look of the hats and no one in the league had ever been the Astros. The league president thought I was crazy becasue we were in Metro Detroit and the Astros were coming off their 2nd straight 100+ loss season while the Tigers were in midst of a run of 1st place finishes. We ended up winning the league championship. I still have that hat and have worn it frequently, but no more now.

    Since the 2018 Red Sox title is just as tainted, what’s their new name going to be? Red Sux, Red Pox? Anyone else have an idea?


    1. How about, for the sake of the innocent fans of these two greedy ass shit sports infotainment entities, as long as all who were involved are punished appropriately (harshly), we just let it go and welcome the spring.

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      1. Who are you kidding, Happy? We all know that spring doesn’t make it to Minnesota until at least May. And don’t get me started about up here in East Canuckistan. We get four seasons… Almost Winter, Winter, Still Effing Winter, and Shitty Sledding (AKA Blackfly and Mosquito Season).

        By the way, you may be in for a rainy spring, now that your boys will have the Bringer of Rain™ holding down the hot corner. Congratulations!

        Speaking of Four Seasons and Spring…

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    1. Yes. What Rose did did taint the game. And these thieving ass sumbala’s thieves also threaten the game But what happens next is up to the rest of us. Play ball!!!

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      1. My biggest issue with Rose was he lied at the time, then got caught, and changed his story to a new lie, which was then proved to be a lie again, and he continued the pattern of lying until caught. I could forgive him a lot easier if he was just honest at any one point and time. At this point he’s construed so many lies I don’t know what to believe, and I don’t want to bother trying anymore.


    2. His claim that he didn’t taint the game is the most clueless thing I’ve heard a sports figure say about their sport in a long time.
      Betting on the game by a player, or staffer or coach etc, brings in the possibility of not trying to win, or not trying to win by too many runs. It truly calls the integrity of games’ outcome into question. He claims to have only bet on his own team to win (after previously denying he did so, which also followed previously denying he even bet on baseball), but unless he can prove he bet the same amount every single game it just doesn’t matter. There is one rule that is posted in every clubhouse in MLB, and has been for a century: betting on baseball gets you banned forever.
      The use of. electronics to steal signs is bad. It’s cheating. However, it’s still trying to get an edge to win, albeit unfairly. It’s bad, but it’s not as bad as anything that might bring in even the possibility of not trying to win.

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