The Year in Review: Music of Fan Interference


It started pretty early here in Fan Interference.  A random post regarding a celebration of National One Hit Wonder Day.  That post generated a LOT of positive response and we were off to the races from there.  Soon music started to be integrated into a large number of posts, especially the daily recap (So, What Did I Miss) posts by Indaburg.  Music has become as much a part of this site as comments from the peanut gallery and well baseball itself.

I never realized just how integral music was in my life until I started writing for this site.  Since Prof and I took over the daily recap posts, re-branded as “He Said, She Said” we have taken great pride in promoting a wide variety of music.  From Rock to Rap, to Country, and even a sprinkling of Classical and Foreign, we try every-day to ensure that we hit that repeat button as rarely as possible.  In that endeavor, I started to track all the music we’ve embedded over the past year.  (I hope you played the game of “Guess who picked the music today” and found yourself often surprised).


From 311 to The Wu-Tang Clan, we have covered 141 different artists.  Lana Del Rey and Kayne West are the only artists we’ve covered twice (Although a few duplicates may have slipped in during a theme or compilation day).  We’ve featured music, young and old.  Mostly favoring rock, although we have certainly made an effort to cover several new genres.


Personally, the push to feature new music has allowed me to really deepen my own collection.  I’ve added a TON of music to my personal collection over the past year, too many to list, but some of my favorite new additions have included: Adele, AFI, Alicia Keys, Americana, Janet Jackson, Wu-Tang Clan, Colin Hay, Naughty By Nature, Flogging Molly, Bouncing Souls, Powerman 5000, Goldfinger, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Lady GaGa, and A BUNCH of fantastic Cover Artists such as: Colin & Caroline, Joanna Wang, Megan Davies, Zella Day, and Sara Farell.  I started to become almost addicted to building my own collection, some music by bands I’ve loved for many years (Janet Jackson, Goldfinger), some new to me (Colin Hay, Gimme Gimmies, Adele).  All with eager anticipation to share with everyone that reads this site.  My music collection is now fully and properly organized with all proper album artwork, lyrics, release dates, and genres all embedded in the files.  My collection is now up to 6,726 songs, 437 albums, 805 different artists, and 45 Gigs of music.

So this is all my way of saying thank you all for sharing a pair of earbuds while we build our personal mix-tracks.  Thank you for all the encouragement, for contributing your own favorite tracks, with giving us suggestions and well, thank you all for listening.  I can’t wait to see what music we dive into in 2020.

14 thoughts on “The Year in Review: Music of Fan Interference

  1. As a singer with a definite preference for a capella — I am, after all a barbershopper — I have been listening to a lot of great new (and many not so new) groups on YouTube. My favourite, of course, is anything barbershop, followed closely by Pentatonix, but I have also been listening to a lot of VoicePlay, Voctave and these guys:

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    1. nb, here’s a different spin on that song. A mix of it with Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica. The Native Howl is a band that mixes bluegrass with thrash metal intensity to make something really unique. My step son used to play bass in the band.


  2. And in a bit of sad news, we just lost another Canadian rock icon to brain cancer. First it was Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip, and now I just saw that Neil Peart, drummer for Rush, has lost his battle with Glioblastoma. He was 67.

    RIP and rock on, Neil!!


    1. Thanks for posting this. I heard the news on my drive home and felt like a part of me died. Definitely my favorite live band ever. I can’t stand bands that have multiple farewell tours but I was really hoping Rush would tour again someday. And thanks for remembering Gord too. Both gone way too young.


      1. Rush formed a good part of the soundtrack of my misspent youth. I can still clearly remember sitting around with half a dozen or so school friends, binge-listening to “2112” when it first came out… … almost 44 freaking years ago. Good times!

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